“How to Design a Strength and Conditioning Program
Guaranteed to Generate New Personal Bests for
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and Pole Vaulters..."

Discover a Gold Mine of Exclusive Program Design Strategies from a
USA Track and Field Master Coach Proven to Bring Jumpers to the
Next Level…Whether You Train Juniors or Professionals

Fellow Jumps Coach:

The days of guessing when it comes to designing a strength and conditioning program for your jumpers is finally over!

From the approach to the takeoff, in flight mechanics and the landing, there are a million resources out there designed to give you drills and instructions on improving your jumpers’ technique.

And clearly these are critical skills to master for any jumper.

But as a coach, you have more responsibilities to your athletes than just mechanics.

The level of logic, detail and attention you give to structuring each and every workout determines the success of your program, from individual training sessions to the yearly plan.

But here’s a problem…

When your jumpers don’t succeed it is your daily preparations that have caused the problems.

Answer the following questions before you read any further:

? How often do your jumpers achieve their best marks long before Championship meets?

? How do you help athletes recover from declining mid season performances?

? What do you do when you simply can’t get an athlete to break through a training plateau?


The real question is this….

Just how confident are you in your program design planning?

You need to get the knowledge that allows for immediate, positive adjustments to all of the training situations that arise over the course of the season.

But that’s only half the story:

If you don’t have a clear understanding of how to design a strength and conditioning program resulting in steady, controlled improvement in all of your athletes, then you must keep reading.

The jealously guarded secrets of ‘how’ to structure and design the details of your program have been the subject of mystery and confusion…

Boo Schexnayder

…Until now!

Former Louisiana State University Assistant Coach and national chair of USATF’s Coaching Committee and Biomechanics Subcommittee, Boo Schexnayder has released the most comprehensive guide to strength, conditioning and program design for the jumping events ever created.

The fact is, Coach Schexnayder is an Elite Coach among elite coaches.

18 individual NCAA Champions in his 11 years at LSU
Coach of 2005 Outdoor and 2006 Indoor World Triple Jump Champion Walter Davis
Coached 12 All Americans and 3 NCAA Champions in 2004 alone
Guided Suzette Lee as she shattered the NCAA triple jump record in 1996

By tapping into the knowledge and experience of this USATF Master Coach, you’ll help every one of your jumpers reach their full potential, regardless of their age or experience.

How to Ensure Every Jumper Peaks
For the Biggest Meet of Their Season

Taking over 23 of years of experience from the high school, collegiate and professional ranks, Coach Schexnayder has compiled an incredibly detailed text on designing every phase of your jumps program.

With that said, Complete Track and Field Conditioning for the Jumps is the cure for your jumpers’ training problems and inconsistent performances.

Just like you can trace bad takeoff and flight mechanics back to problems with the approach, you can trace poor performances back to an ineffective training program.

Now here is the answer:

Complete Track and Field Conditioning for the Jumps is written in a style that allows coaches at every level, from youth and high school through college, professionals and Masters athletes, to take a wealth of information that is quickly and easily applied it to their programs.

For starters, the strategies for designing your program don’t confuse you with complex scientific terminology.

Instead Coach Schexnayderr used decades of coaching and teaching experience to speak to ALL coaches, so that you’ll be able to evolve your program based on the needs of your particular athletes.

Announcing the Complete Program Design, Strength
and Conditioning Resource for the Jumping Events!

Here is some of what you’ll discover in this amazing resource:


Chapter I: Steps to Designing a Conditioning Program

  • How to simplify training for best results
  • Simple techniques for handling nearly every situation that will arise in training
  • The 6 critical components to designing a conditioning program


Chapter II: Demands of the Jumping Events

  • 8 specific demands required of all jumpers
  • The exact role speed plays in the approach and takeoff
  • How to use force production and application to develop superior jumpers
  • Pinpoint the relationship between takeoff and its impact on the body
  • Understand the role coordination plays in developing technique
  • How and why improved stretch reflex aids performance


Chapter III: Biomotor Qualities and Abilities

  • A detailed look at the 5 biomotor abilities that must serve as the foundation of any program
  • The easiest way to develop acceleration and absolute speed without excess movement/displacement
  • The difference between general and specific coordination and its affect on jump timing
  • 2 types of flexibility proven to create large amplitudes of movement
  • The 5 critical elements of strength training that must be incorporated into your program
  • Exactly why developing the endocrine system leads to faster recovery times and improved overall performance


Chapter IV: Training Inventory for the Jumps

  • The 21 ‘must have’ categories of exercises required for an effective program
  • 6 proven formats for developing required levels flexibility and mobility
  • The pros and cons of using speed drills in relation to overall speed development
  • 7 effective methods for using resistance training to improve performance
  • 4 highly specific jumping activities that develop elastic strength
  • 6 different ways to develop speed that all jumpers must learn
  • How best to use 2 types of tempo running to improve aerobic power and anaerobic capacity
  • 2 proven strategies for using technical training to teach event specific skills and movements
  • Exactly why testing and competitions are invaluable parts of the training plan


Chapter V: Designing the Training Program

  • Discover a step-by-step breakdown of how to design an effective jumps program
  • Gain instant understanding of how to break down each cycle of training for maximum results
  • A complete breakdown of the 3 major training methodologies required in your system
  • 3 key principles your warm up should revolve around
  • A quick and easy method for simplifying planning and organization
  • A blueprint for helping athletes whose speed, power and performance fall off midseason
  • An in depth look at how to progress your jumpers’ training
  • Specific strategies for periodizing strength training
  • 5 different elements of strength training during the Preparation periods
  • The little known secret behind neuromuscular training
  • The easiest way to progress multi-jumps training for best results
  • Discover the #1 secret to long term athletic progress
  • The truth about how endurance training affects your jumpers
  • 9 facts you must know about grouping training activities
  • 7 considerations for choosing workout drills and routines


Chapter VI: Administering the Training Program

  • How to determine which training data is most important to keep for your records
  • A detailed look at the types of testing that you must use with your athletes
  • 7 critical components to managing the Competition and Peaking periods
  • Exactly why psychological factors must be taken into consideration
  • Understand the importance of being able to identify small changes in gait and technique
  • How to handle volume and intensity during the Competition period


Chapter VII: Event Specific Considerations

  • 6 primary factors affecting success in the long jump
  • The 5 most important characteristics required for triple jump achievement
  • 4 simple components to developing successful high jumpers
  • 7 fundamental considerations when designing pole vault training


Coach Schexnayder concludes his strength and conditioning manual with detailed sample microcycles and workouts covering all the training periods.

Use these sample programs, containing every exercise, set, rep and drill, to help guide your own program design. With this powerful resource, you’ll set your athletes up to continually improve throughout the season.

More importantly, all your jumpers will finally be prepared to set new personal bests at their major championship meets.

After all, if you haven’t prepared your athletes to achieve their best personal bests when it counts, then your entire season has been poorly planned and executed.

And that doesn’t have to happen ever again!


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Bonus #1: 35 Minute Audio Interview ($27 value)

In this exclusive interview for Complete Conditioning for the Jumps customers, Coach Schexnayder reveals even more of the training secrets proven to generate World Class Jumpers.

Expanding on some of the most thought provoking, results inspiring concepts presented in his book, Coach Schexnayder ensures that when it comes to understanding the most effective program design, strength and conditioning methods for your jumpers, no stone will be left unturned.


Here are just a few of the topics that are discussed at length in this informative interview:

  • Program design secrets for the short high school season
  • The pros and cons of using ‘sequence training’ in your program
  • Secrets to hitting the board in the optimal position…every time
  • Effective coaching cues for key positions in each of the jumping events
  • How to give your athletes the right type of feedback during competitions
  • …and much more!


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“This material serves as a valuable resource when constructing a training program”

"Complete Track and Field Conditioning For The Jumps provides a comprehensive look at training in general and the jumping events in particular. Boo is able to capture and reproduce details that are useful to serious track and field coaches at every competitive level. The material serves as a valuable resource when constructing a training program."

Mario Wilson
Assistant Track & Field Coach
Bucknell University

“This is a must have for any serious jumps coach!”

"The Complete Track and Field Conditioning for Jumps book is great! Boo covers all the essential elements needed to design and implement successful jumps programs for all coaches and every level. This is a must have for any serious jumps coach!"

Jason Kilgore
Head Women’s Track & Field Coach
West Chester University


How Much Does the ‘Complete Track and Field Conditioning for the Jumps’ Book Cost?

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Boo Schexnayder is no exception.

His coaching resume speaks for itself. And that alone should have you itching to get your hands on this information, no matter what the cost.

For a resource of this magnitude from a coach of this caliber, you should easily expect to pay upwards of $57.

After all, there is no other training resource like this in the world of track and field…

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If you work with jumpers at any level, Boo Schexnayder’s ‘Complete Track and Field Conditioning for the Jumps’ Book must be part of your library.

How do we know?

Because we’re jumps coaches too.

And we’ve seen the techniques and strategies bursting from each page of this book. We are 100% confident that you’ll be referencing this resource until your coaching days come to a glorious close.

When you are giving your Coach’s Hall of Fame Induction speech, you’ll remember this day.

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There is no catch, no fine print.

Coach Schexnayder’s name alone is proof of the limitless value contained in this resource.

With 60 days to test these techniques, what do you have to lose?

In track,

Latif Thomas
Patrick Beith
Latif Thomas
Patrick Beith

P.S. - If you are not 100% thrilled with the ‘Complete Track and Field Conditioning for the Jumps’ Book, simply return the program and we will refund your entire purchase price for up to 60 days. With the promise of a full refund if you’re not satisfied, there is absolutely NO RISK on your part.

P.P.S. How many personal bests will your jumpers set when using the exact same techniques that have brought Coach Schexnayder 14 high school state champions, 46 Conference Champions, 65 NCAA All Americans, 93 NCAA Qualifiers, 19 NCAA Champions, 9 Olympians, 8 World Championships competitors and 3 World Championship/Olympic medals?