• Speed Development for Distance Runners – Scott Christensen
  • Scott Christensen
  • Speed Development for Distance Runners – Scott Christensen
  • Scott Christensen

Speed Development for Distance Runners


It’s no secret that modern training strategies for middle distance and distance runners have evolved toward using more speed training and speed development workouts and progressions typically found in sprints programs.

As a middle distance and/or distance coach, your strength may not be in your understanding of not only how to teach efficient sprinting mechanics to your distance athletes, but also how, when, and why speed development workouts are critical to the continued development and success of your endurance athletes.

If you want to learn more about how you can best add this type of training to your program, but don’t want to become an expert sprints coach in the process, you’re exactly the type of coach ‘Speed Development for Distance Runners’ was made for.

Scott Christensen, the USTFCCCA Lead Endurance Instructor and 30+ year veteran high school coach (Stillwater HS – MN) lays it all out in this economical 83 minute digital program aimed specifically at teaching distance coaches the fundamentals of speed development and how to apply it to middle distance and distance runners. In this clip, Coach Christensen provides an overview of exactly what you’ll be learning in this program:

Here are some other concepts you’ll quickly be able to understand and apply:

– A clear look at how big a role both the aerobic and anaerobic systems play in the 800m, 1600m, 3200m, and 5000m races.

– Exactly why sprinters rest so long between efforts and how to overcome the need to use short rest periods, even when training fast.

– Complete analysis of the 6 Anaerobic Training Modalities, including the less familiar ‘sprinter’ types: Speed, Speed Endurance, Special Endurance I, and Special Endurance II

– Detailed examples of not only each workout/modality type, but Scott also covers all other elements of the practice from warm up to warm down, ensuring athletes get appropriate volumes, intensities, rest, etc.

Finally, as part of your purchase, Coach Christensen will answer your training questions.

Unlike programs you might find elsewhere, you’ll be able to pick Scott’s brain and get some help when you’re not quite sure if you’re on the right track.

For only $37, you get:

– Online/streaming access to this 83 minute video program, available to view on any device, anywhere you have internet access. – The ability to download the program to your hard drive for offline viewing. – A PDF containing all of the slides from the presentation. – Lifetime Q&A access with Coach Christensen

Satisfaction guaranteed – 60-day, ‘no questions asked’, money-back guarantee.

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