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The Four Critical Workouts of the Middle Distance Competition Period

The competition period is the last three weeks of the season for a middle distance runner.  This portion of the track microcycle is characterized by a moderately decreased training volume coupled with a sharp increase in training intensity.  In ordinary language it is the tapering period leading to a peak championship performance attempt.  Rest is…

The 3 Most Important “Fuels” For Successful Distance Running

The ability of skeletal muscle to re-synthesize adenosine triphosphate (ATP) during exercise and recovery after exercise ultimately depends on the diet of the cross country runner.  Today we will focus on the 3 most important “fuels” for successful distance running. Fat and carbohydrate (CHO) provide the majority of the metabolic fuel for ATP re-synthesis, with…

Proper Posture in Distance Running

When trying to make cross country runners faster there are no more important variables than proper posture and the characteristics of foot contact on each stride cycle.  Foot contact times vary with pace in running.  Slow paces show longer foot contact patterns, and increases in velocity show consistent decreases in contact times (Figure 1).  …

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