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Our ’12 Days of CTF Holiday Sale’ will begin on Monday, December 12 and will run through Friday, December 23.

Here’s how it works:

From MONDAY 12/12- FRIDAY 12/23, every Complete Track and Field program is on sale for 20% off when you use coupon code: 12DAYSCTF.


Each day of the 12-day sale we will be featuring a specific program where you can save 30% on this season’s popular programs BUT ONLY ON THAT DAY.

This time of the year can get hectic, so I recommend bookmarking this page and scheduling a reminder in your phone so you don’t forget to come to the site to grab these holiday offers.

In the meantime, you can plan ahead by visiting our full list of Complete Track and Field Programs.

Here is the schedule for when our top programs will go on sale, though keep in mind all programs are 20% off starting Monday, 12/12.




 MONDAY, December 12: ‘Complete Speed Training 3’ [Use Coupon Code: CST330]

TUESDAY, December 13: ‘Training Model for High School Middle Distance’ [Use Coupon Code: TMMD30]

WEDNESDAY, December 14: [NEW PROGRAM]Plyometric Training for Sports Performance[No Coupon Necessary]

THURSDAY, December 15: ‘Advanced 400m Training’ [Use Coupon Code: AT40030]

FRIDAY, December 16: ‘Complete Program Design for 400/600/800 Runners’ [Use Coupon Code: CPD46830]

SATURDAY, December 17: ‘Training Model for High School Cross Country’ [Use Coupon Code: TMXC30]

SUNDAY, December 18: ‘Multi Event Training & Practice Organization’ [Use Coupon Code: MPTO30]

MONDAY, December 19: ‘Complete Program Design for Sprinters’ [Use Coupon Code: CPDS30]

TUESDAY, December 20: ‘Complete 100m Training’ [Use Coupon Code: C10030]

WEDNESDAY, December 21: ‘Advanced Sprint Hurdles’ [Use Coupon Code: ASH30]

THURSDAY, December 22: ‘Specific Strength Development Sprints & Hurdles’ [Use Coupon Code: SDSH30]

FRIDAY, December 23, ‘Best of the 2016 Horizontal Jumps Clinic’ [Use Coupon Code: BHJC30]


If you have questions, now or during the sale/s, reach out to us by:

  1. Posting your question below.
  2. Sending your question to contact@completetrackandfield.com with ’12 Days of CTF Holiday Sale’ as the subject line.
  3. Posting your question on our Facebook Page.
  4. Sending me a DM on Twitter.



















Latif Thomas - Latif Thomas owns and operates Complete Track and Field and serves as the Co-Director of the Complete Track and Field Clinic at Harvard University, the largest track and field clinic in the United States. A popular speaker and presenter at some of the largest coaching clinics across the country, Latif has true passion for the sport and it definitely shows. Over the past 19 years, he has coached more combined League, Division, All-State, and New England Champions in sprints, hurdles, and jumps than he can count. Follow @latif_thomas on Twitter.

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