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Protein for the Win – Protein Needs of Cross Country Athletes

. . . Low fat, high carbohydrate, low calorie intake, carbohydrate cycling, vegetarian, vegan, junk food!  What else have coaches heard from their endurance athletes regarding nutrition?   Today we will focus on the importance of protein. In the last few decades cross country runners have increased their awareness in how nutrition affects performance, but with…

600 Meter Repeat Workouts – Three Different Styles for Middle Distance Training

. . . Prescribing 600 meter repeat workouts for middle distance runners is a staple in any program.  The training effects of this length of workout will tax the aerobic energy system, place huge demands on the anaerobic energy system, increase the cross-sectional diameter of Type 1 (slow twitch) muscle fibers, increase the cross-sectional diameter…

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