9 Articles/Videos Guaranteed to Answer All of Your Questions About Developing Faster 400 Meter Sprinters

From early season training workouts to speed development and intelligent race planning, here's everything you need to know about designing and implementing a modern day training program for high school 400 meter runners.


1. How to Run the Perfect 400m Race Model  (Video)

How to run the 400 meter race

In this popular (and funny) video, Latif Thomas lays out everything you need to know about running the perfect 400m race. Save your athletes a lot of pain and:  Watch the Video Now... 

2. 4 Goals of 400m Training

400M Training

“The difficulty in training for the 400-meter event lies in the decisions the coach must make regarding the number of energy systems and their precursor qualities that must be addressed.  The 400-meter event must address the issues of maximum speed development with all of the additional burdens of specific endurance required to race for 43+ seconds. When training for any sprint event, velocities and duration of the event will dictate the specificity of the training…” Read the Rest of This Article…

3. Early Season 400m Training Workouts

400M Training

“As a coach you are like a great chef, but instead of writing food recipes you are writing recipes for athletic excellence.  Sprinkle in the necessary ingredients that make sense in your training to get the desired effects you are looking for in a given day. In order for your athletes to get into specific shape for track season it is important that you use a variation of training models for 400m runners…” Read the Rest of This Article…

4. Speed or Endurance in the 400m, 600m & 800m Races?

400M Training

“The determining factor for consistent success in the 400m, 600m and 800m events ultimately boils down to one overarching biomotor ability/physical capacity: speed. The point of training is to develop faster top speeds and a greater speed reserve, not handle the ability to run a large number of submaximal intervals. Speed development is a year round process, not something sprinkled in over the last six weeks of the season or whatever extra old school distance coaches still prescribe…” Read the Rest of This Article…

5. What is the Best Way to Train 400m Runners?

400M Training

“Within the world of 400m coaching, there lies a spectrum of viable approaches we can take to elicit respectable performances out of our sprinters, regardless of age, gender or innate talent level, especially when you want to train 400m runners. The key to running a fast 400 is being able to run a fast 200 which relies on being able to run a fast 100…” Read the Rest of This Article…

6. Answers to Popular 400m Training Questions (Video)

400M Training

In an online survey, Latif asked coaches to post any high school 400m training questions. This video addresses 10 of these questions, which are presented exactly as they are written. Watch the Video Now... 

7. 400m Training Q&A- Part II (Video)

400M Training

In this Part II video, Latif answers more common questions about 400m training for high school runners. Watch this Video Now... 

8. 400m Training vs. McDonald's

400M Training

“Teaching your 400m runners the skill of sprinting takes time and effort (aka Coaching Skill). Teaching them how to lift weights and throw medicine balls takes time and effort (aka Coaching Skill). Calculating times and playing with volume/intensity/density of glycolytic capacity work takes time, effort and good record keeping (aka Coaching Skill). It’s harder to do it right and takes a bit longer to come together. But your sprinters will peak a lot higher when you train the specific qualities inherent to the event…” Read the Rest of This Article…

9. Top Coaches Share Their Favorite 400m Training Workouts

400M Training

“During the second half of the season I shy away from racing long sprinters in the 400m every week. I’ve found this strategy effective because it allows me to evaluate where each athlete is in his or her training. As part of the evaluation process I use several staple workouts to help gauge improvement levels and to design efficient workouts for the remainder of the season. This period is extremely important for athletes who have qualified for championship season, and for 400m training…” Read the Rest of This Article…

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