8 Articles Designed to Give You a Variety of Power and Strength Development Activities for High School Athletes in Every Group

These comprehensive articles provide a full range of topics, including general strength, circuit training, resistance running, Olympic lifts, multiple throws and more... All guaranteed to transform your high school program and help your athletes reach new goals.


1. Using General Strength in the Training Regimen

Strength & Power Development

“When dealing with young, developmental athletes, general strength exercises are a safe way to provide a variety of strength development activities in the program. The absence of external loading keeps injury risks minimal and makes them applicable for athletes of any age. Also, unlike weight training, the safety characteristics of general strength work mean that large numbers of athletes can be managed efficiently with a minimum of individualization…” Read the Rest of This Article…

2. 5 Easy Ways to Use Weight Training to Develop Speed and Power

Strength & Power Development

“Using medicine balls in throwing motions (chest pass, side throws, throws for distance is a great way to develop power in the upper body while incorporating the important parts of hang cleans, hang snatches, and Kettlebell swings.  Delivering a medicine ball with force is a great way to engage the core in explosive activities as well, generating force with the lower body must require active core control to deliver the ball with the arms…” Read the Rest of This Article…

3. Cleans (Video)

Strength & Power Development

"Cleans have been in the programs of track and field athletes for decades. Throwers, sprinters, and jumpers can all benefit from training in the weight room with cleans and snatches due to the high threshold motor unit recruitment that is unique to lifting with the Olympic style lifts..." Watch This Video Now... 

4. Managing Training Adjustments for Speed and Power Athletes

Strength & Power Development

“In sprints, jumps, and throws, development of one’s speed and power capabilities are the most important factor when an athlete is trying to reach high levels of performance. The training program must be geared toward speed and power development at all times for several reasons. The first step toward developing a good speed and power program is to make it a priority…” Read the Rest of This Article…

5. Talent Identification and Event Placement for Speed and Power Athletes

Power & Speed Development

“Before event selection, our first calling is talent identification. Obviously when looking for athletes for speed oriented events, people who can run fast are the best candidates. But how can you tell who might be fast later in life? When finding athletes for the sprints, hurdles, jumps, and throws, there are three key variables to look for…” Read the Rest of This Article…

6. Heavy Duty Booty

Strength & Power Development

"Squats, Cleans, and Snatches all attend to the posterior system and with a stronger back side, numerous upper and lower leg injuries (especially knee injuries) can be avoided. But with this in mind, as sprint/hurdle coaches we are going to have to build that bigger engine while supporting the anterior systems as well..." Read the Rest of This Article... 

7. Aerobic Power Principals

Strength & Power Development

"Aerobic training has been shown to increase the size of the heart, especially the left-side ventricle. The more oxygenated blood that leaves the heart towards the working muscles while running, the greater the improvement in running performance at sub-maximal speed. The training concern is the vast amount of time needed to increase the volume of the heart..." Read the Rest of This Article... 

8. Aerobic Power Primer

Strength & Power Training

"The anaerobic system is improved with maximum, and near maximum velocity work. Gains in the system are made through neural improvement at the neuro-muscular junction, improved neuron-muscular biomechanics during maximum effort, and muscle cell changes that allow for greater drainage and tolerance of lactate and hydrogen ions..." Read the Rest of This Article... 

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