9 Speed Development Articles and Videos That Will Teach Your High School Sprinters Proper Mechanics and Effective Sprint Techniques

These article and videos can serve as a blueprint for teaching speed development to all of your sprinters, from the beginning of the season throughout championship season.


1. Faster Starts for Sprinters (Video)

Speed Development for Sprinters

Latif Thomas explains the difference between sprinters who 'step' out of the blocks instead of 'push' out of the blocks. This video shows what 'stepping' out looks like and how to fix it. Watch This Video Now... 

2. The Most Important Word in Speed Training

Speed Development for Sprinters

"Everything we do in practice is designed to improve the ability to express technique in order to positively influence performance. An athlete’s inability to express said technique simply boils down to lack of..." Read the Rest of This Article... 

3. Speed Training Starts Early

Speed Development for Sprinters

"At the start of a new year of training we can begin conditioning our athletes and start preparing for the demands of speed. It may not be a good idea to do an all out 150, a Fly 30m or any other type of maximum velocity, speed endurance or special endurance during the early phases of training. However, we can start to build the athlete’s neurological system, mobility, and technique, which will help prepare their mind and body for longer speed work that will come later..." Read the Rest of This Article... 

4. The Best Way to Teach Top Speed Mechanics? The Wicket Drill (Video)

Speed Development for Sprinters

In this video, Coach Ron Grigg covers the benefits of developing top speed and top speed mechanics using the wicket drill. Watch This Video Now... 

5. Block Setting for Track and Field Sprinters (Video)

Speed Development for Sprinters

Harvard University Sprints/Hurdles coach Marc Mangiacotti explains why the 'Zero Step' is the most important part of the 100m race and shares one of his favorite drills for making sure sprinters set themselves up for success in the Set position. Watch This Video Now... 

6. The Hurdle Push (Video)

Speed Development for Sprinters

David Cusano uses an acceleration drill to teach your sprinters both how to 'push' the drive leg down and back, as well as 'punch' the swing leg knee forward. Watch This Video Now... 

7. 5 Easy Ways to Use Weight Training to Develop Speed and Power

Strength and Power Development for Sprinters

"Track and field is quite simply speed and power quantified. Nearly ever event (aside from the distance events) reward athletes that are faster and create more force faster than their opponents. Even athletes that are not competing for state championships or all-american status, are comparing their current speed and power to what they were formerly capable. The weightroom is one of the easiest places to develop improved speed and power through smart training..." Read the Rest of This Article... 

8. Developing Speed in the High School Athlete

Speed Development for Sprinters

"In order to effectively develop speed, a significant portion of the athlete’s training program must consist of high speed movements. Runs must be fast. In the weight room, some of the work must involve the bar travelling fast. Jumping exercises and medicine ball work must be done explosively as well. You train athletes to be fast by having them express speed in many forms of training..." Read the Rest of This Article... 

9. The Key to Success in the Long Sprints: Speed Reserve

Speed Development for Sprinters

"The reason that athletes are not hitting their times or that they are falling apart at the end of a game or race is not that lack aerobic or anaerobic capacity or need to do more over distance training. In fact, the answer is often that the athlete simply has not developed the pure speed required to take maximum advantage of the energy system requirements of that particular sport, race, interval, etc..." Read the Rest of This Article... 

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