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Latif Thomas

Latif Thomas,

Owner, Complete Track and Field

  • I appreciate you! I searched for help online and read quite a few of your articles and purchased your CST2 program. I really like what you've put together. I feel informed and am better able to help my 15 year-old who is talented and in need of basic running and sprint instruction to reach that next level. Even I feel dangerous, and I can't run! Thank you, Latif.

    Melva Trigg, excited Mom with fast girl!
  • Complete Speed Training Volume 2: How to Build Champion Sprinters” is simply the best resource available for developing speed in the high school sprinter. I know, because I spent countless hours searching for a training aid for my then freshman daughter. The results have been nothing short of spectacular. CST2 is the best investment you can make in your high school sprinters, whether you are an established coach or an interested parent like me. Coach Thomas puts his knowledge and passion on full display. His humor and wit make the DVDs enjoyable to watch. Thank you for helping my daughter.

    Peter J. Walter
  • I recently attended the New England Track and Field Clinic. I attended your questions and answers clinic on sprints, hurdles and relays. It was very helpful and informative. I hope that you will be a speaker next year as well! Thank you so much!

    Marjorie Dastous
  • Coach Thomas, I had the privilege of listening to you speak at the ITCCCA Clinic several years ago. Your presentation offered several gems that I was immediately able to apply to my program. Thank you again. I truly am appreciative of the access to knowledge.

    Brian Zeglin