Advanced Coaching Systems: What Really Drives Successful Programs [Zoom Seminar]

Posted by Latif Thomas

On Thursday (4/23) and Friday (4/24) we’re running the 2nd (and final) round of our CTF live Zoom webinar.

The first time we ran it, we opened it to the first 100 coaches who signed up and it sold out in less than 21 hours.

This time, we’re once again making it available to the first 100 coaches who sign up. As of this writing (1pm on 4/21) we’re almost half way to capacity.

Here’s the original promotion. I highly recommend you attend:


I’m really excited about the topic for several reasons, not the least of which being that I haven’t seen anyone else teach these topics, and I think it’s something you’ll want to be a part of.

Here’s the rundown:

At some point in your coaching career you arrive at the point where there’s essentially no new training theory or workout progression that is going to blow your mind so hard that you feel compelled to completely reverse what’s been working for you for so long.

Of course, regardless of the event/s or sport/s you coach, you’re still learning and evolving your program design and administration.

But, now it’s more like making tweaks to different areas, not wholesale rebranding of your philosophy and approach.

You add this and you take out that. Do a little more of this and stop bothering with that. Basically, it’s the “10% Rule” where every year you modify roughly 10% of the elements within your program.

So, the question is this:

When reaching this point, what do highly successful coaches focus on in order to continue to drive significant and impactful improvements to their programs / teams / training systems, etc.?

How do you keep getting better results when your workouts are already working?

When you realize it doesn’t matter whether or not you do fly 10s or fly 30s…

When you realize it doesn’t matter if you add or subtract 7.37% to their mileage during each week of the summer…

…because while tweaking those distinctions may lead to some performance improvements here and there, they’re not going to elicit fundamental growth across the totality of your program or event group.

If you’re truly serious about program mastery and excellence, you must shift your focus to:

  1. Create better *Systems* for your Administrative Policies and Procedures
  2. Create better *Systems* for your Team/Event Group Specific Policies and Procedures

As a small business owner, my survival (especially now) is largely dependent on the effectiveness of the systems I use to, for example, get you here reading this right now.

And in many ways, I bring the same “business” approach to organizing how I run my track and field teams and event groups.

In the simplest of terms, it’s about identifying patterns and replicating them appropriately in different areas. This way you’re not reinventing the wheel and wasting valuable time and energy for every different area you want to focus on.

(How many times, while writing a circuit, have you stared pointlessly at your computer screen trying to choose those last few exercises because you didn’t have them all written down, by training focus, so you could cut and paste them into that day’s workout? I’m embarrassed to say how much time I used to waste on that one element of disorganization.)


Before I go any further, I should let you know I’m not the one teaching this content…

Instead, I’m bringing in Dave Cusano, Head Track & Field Coach at Colby College (Maine).

        Dave Cusano

I know a fair number of highly intelligent coaches who could have taught their systems successfully.

But, I asked Dave to do it for three reasons in particular:

1️⃣He doesn’t think like a track and field coach.

As a former professional football player and closeted science nerd, he brings a fresh, interesting, and needed perspective because as T&F coaches we learn too much solely from other T&F coaches.

2️⃣For the past 4 years, he has taught the content of this course in the class he teaches at the University of Maine.

I know he’s familiar with a live audience and understands the nuances of his content.

3️⃣We talk about this stuff All. The. Time.

Over the years we’ve spent dozens and dozens of hours breaking these topics down to their purest form.

I know, firsthand, how good this material is. It’s why I asked him to do this.

Because, at the end of the day, the success of your program comes down to the quality and efficiency of your systems.

In this video, taken from my recording of the dry run, Dave touches on that topic. Keep in mind this is just us having a normal conversation before we start the ‘course material’. (So don’t judge my appearance!):


Ok, so let’s get down to brass tacks and take a look at the specifics:


Instructor: David Cusano (Colby College Head T&F Coach)
Host: Latif Thomas (I’ll be in the background running point.)


Session 1 (Team Systems): Monday, April 13, 2020: 1pm – 2:30pm (Eastern)
Session 2 (Administrative Systems): Tuesday, April 14, 2020: 1pm – 2:30pm (Eastern)

Class Size: First 100 Coaches to Register (This is the last time we’ll run this program.)


✅Exclusive access to 3 hours of live programming with Coach Cusano [$100 Value]
✅Unlimited Q&A with Coach Cusano (and/or Coach Thomas) [$47 Value]
✅Video Recording of the Entire Program [$47 Value]
✅Support Materials & Handouts [$37 Value]

Read World Value: $231.00
Actual Cost (both sessions): Only $27

This program is worth so much more than $27. But if you believe in facts and science, we’re living in a nightmare.

So we’re splitting the difference (between you and us) by offering the event for below market value.

It’s a good deal…if you’re one of the 100 people who can get in.


➡️Click here to register


Here’s an outline of the topics being covered each day. It’s not fancy, but it will give you a good idea of what to expect:

Session 1: Team Rules & Protocols

Coaching Philosophy:
-Clearly defined, not long, crisp, direct, creates the foundation
-Story of Pete Carroll (win forever)

Team Rules:
-Shouldn’t be an encyclopedia
-Direct, firm, specific
-Be prepared to be challenged
-What is a culture kill
-What is a teachable moment w/ limited to no consequences
-Visual (seen often)

-Staff, Team, Group
-Power of Communication
-Create clarity, understanding, self reliance
-Be accountable to time (set timer)
-Use of technology (google docs, zoom, google hangout)
-Not every meeting is a sit down chat, some are on the fly

Weight Room:

Injury Protocol:

Parental Communications:
-Discussable items, non-discussable items
-Staff consistency

Administrative support
-In Person


Session 2: Administrative Systems, Policies, & Procedures

Master Sheet / Training Inventory:
-Save time
-Don’t reinvent the wheel

Warm Up:

Body of Practice:
-Set Up- cones, spacing, hurdles, boxes, stations
-Types of sessions
-Breakdown- clean up
-Arrival- start time, consequence, communication

Practice Etiquette:

Qualifying Standards:
-Meet of Champions

Top Ten’s/School Records:
-Stats (basketball, baseball, football, etc.)
-Top Ten
-School Records
-Class Records
-Facility Records

Scoring Competition Breakdowns:
-Points (by team, by group)


Meet Etiquette:
-Warm Up
-Mid Meet Warm Up
-Conclusion of Meet
-Parental contact


-HS perspective
-College perspective
-D1, D2, D3 etc.
-Needs vs. Wants


Coach, regardless of your level of experience or success, we all have holes in our programs.

With practice cancelled, now is the ideal time to find the holes you might not even know you have, as well as plug the ones currently leaking points and personal bests.

This way, when the season starts back up, you and your program will immediately start running like the finely tuned machine you want it to be.

➡️➡️Click here to register. (Only 100 spots available.)

We’ll talk to you on Monday!


Latif Thomas
Owner – Complete Track and Field

P.S. You’ll be taken to the registration page once you complete your purchase. Upon submitting the registration form, check your email for all the information you need to access the event. 

Latif Thomas - Latif Thomas owns and operates Complete Track and Field and serves as the Co-Director of the Complete Track and Field Clinic at Harvard University, the largest track and field clinic in the United States. A popular speaker and presenter at some of the largest coaching clinics across the country, Latif has true passion for the sport and it definitely shows. Over the past 19 years, he has coached more combined League, Division, All-State, and New England Champions in sprints, hurdles, and jumps than he can count. Follow @latif_thomas on Twitter.

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