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Scott Christensen's "Advanced Topics in Cross Country Training Symposium"

Your Secret Weapon for Climbing the Regional & State Rankings This Fall

If you're a cross country fanatic you'll love this in depth look at the science behind the sport and exactly how it applies to training design and decisions. Four 1+ hour seminars cover (1) How Training Affects Adaptation, (2) The Truth About Fitness (The Fitness Paradox), (3) The Role of Fatigue in Performance, (4) Cross Country Specific Training Theory.

In total, this section contains 6 hours of video content.

MODULE #1 ($19 value)

Introduction & History of Cross Country Running

* Introduction of cross country running
* History of cross country in the World
* History of cross country in the USA
* History of international cross country competition
* Differences between cross country and track
* Conclusion

MODULE #2 ($37 value)

Applying Scientific Theory to Training, Part 1: Adaptation

* Introduction of adaptation and cross country training
* Human cells, tissue, and training
* Enzymes, mitochondria, and training
* Human genome and it’s influence on athletic success
* Training and detraining aspects of the body’s systems
* How muscle tissue functions and the effects of training
* Conclusion

MODULE #3 ($37 value)

Applying Scientific Theory to Training, Part 2: The Fitness Paradox

* Introduction of energetics, homeostasis, and fitness issues
* Energetics and calories
* Race profiling and calories
* Ingestion, digestion, and respiration
* Respiration, muscle energy, and training
* Glycogen, lactate, and fatigue
* Training and homeostasis shift in cross country training
* Conclusion

MODULE #4 ($37 value)

The Role of Fatigue on Performance

* Introduction of fatigue and performance issues
* Fatigue manifestation and cross country performance
* Carbohydrate depletion and fatigue
* Lactate accumulation and fatigue
* Case study research in lactate accumulation and fatigue
* Training in lactate zones
* Muscular strength deterioration and race fatigue
* Conclusion

MODULE #5 ($37 value)

Cross Country Training Theory

* Multi-lateral training
* Volume and intensity models for cross country
* Race profiling for cross country
* Athlete profiling for cross country
* Cross country training phases and periods
* A cross country microcycle
* Setting up the daily cross country training session
* Warm-up and cool down
* Conclusion

If you want to focus on workouts, training phase progressions, and/or writing your annual plan, you'll spend countless hours watching and reviewing the coaching gems found in this 3 module set of instruction.

In total, this section contains 3.5 hours of video instruction.

MODULE #6 ($37 value)

The Influence of Aerobic Training on Performance

* Introduction of aerobic training
* Influence of aerobic training on cross country performance
* vVO2 max as an aerobic index marker
* Aerobic power field tests
* Aerobic training modalities
* Key training markers and paces in aerobic training for cross country
* Implementing aerobic training for cross country
* Conclusion

MODULE #7 ($37 value)

The Influence of Anaerobic Training on Performance

* Introduction of anaerobic training
* Anaerobic energy contribution training continuum
* Influence of anaerobic training on cross country performance
* Concept of maximum speed as a primary physical component
* Anaerobic efficiency as a training index
* Field test for anaerobic efficiency
* Anaerobic training modalities
* Recovery and regeneration recommendations
* Conclusion

MODULE #8 ($37 value)

Training Schedules for the 5k

* Introduction of the cross country macrocycle
* General Prep training schedules
* Specific Prep training schedules
* Pre Comp training schedules
* Comp Training Schedules
* VO2 max, threshold, tempo, hill, long run, and recovery run aerobic workouts
* Speed, Special Endurance 1, and Special Endurance 2 anaerobic workouts
* Advanced sequencing in a microcycle
* Conclusion

Cross Country is a team sport and You are the team leader. But perennial success requires more than just detailed workout progressions. Positive team culture and dynamics, as well as individual psychological well being are the hallmarks of all great programs.

This section contains 2+ hours of video instruction.

MODULE #9 ($37 value)

Establishing and Evolving Positive Team Dynamics

* Introduction to team dynamics
* Team strategy in cross country
* Team racing tactics in cross country
* The coach as team leader
* Team culture characteristics
* Team culture development
* Conclusion

MODULE #10 ($37 value)

Psychological Inventories and Interventions

* Introduction to sport psychology
* Motivation, self-image, and grit in cross country runners
* Key restoration assessments for distance runners
* Inventory data collection on distance runners
* The positive coach
* Coach to athlete communication and intervention
* Athlete mindfulness in cross country running
* Cross country team psychological development
* Conclusion


Scott Christensen's Advanced Topics In Cross Country Training Symposium contains a whopping 12 hours of video content spread out over 10 specific video modules. That content alone is worth the asking price.

But, I'm stacking the program by adding the following (Limited Time) Bonuses. When you add it all up, you'll have no doubts about adding this program to your library of CTF coaching resources.

BONUS #1 ($197 Value)

Unlimited Q&A Access w/ Coach Christensen

Even the most consistently successful coaches have questions about their training plans and workout progressions. In fact, the best coaches usually ask the most questions.

To make sure you never feel confused about the content in the program or indecisive about your training decisions, Coach Christensen has committed to answering all of your questions.

There are no limits to the number of questions you can ask and no end date to Coach Christensen's availability.

BONUS #2 ($29 Value)

Diagnostic Chart for Endurance Talent Identification

Designed to aid distance coaches in talent identification over the array of endurance races from 800 meters to 5000 meters, as well as determining the physiological areas (mainly energy systems) that are under-developed in distance runners. By diagnosing the weaker areas of performance a coach can prescribe a shift in workout emphasis to foster development in those areas.

Determine your athlete’s most recent quality performance in any of the four races of 800, 1600, 3200, or 5000 meters. Find that Level on the diagnostic chart. Now look at other recent performances in the other endurance events. If a shorter event performance does not align to the same level as the index performance there is an issue. If it is lower on the chart then the index performance then training emphasis should shift to more intense anaerobic work. If it is higher on the chart, then more aerobic power work should be prescribed.

BONUS #3 ($29 Value)

Annotated Bibliography of Program References

Distance nerds rejoice! (I use the term 'nerd' as a wholly complimentary term!)

If you are an information junkie, this 23 page text details all of the references Scott Christensen used in researching and developing Advanced Topics in Cross Country Training.

Further, Christensen provides his own Abstract of the content contained in each text. Whether you're content with the brief overview Scott provides or you want to use his annotations to guide you toward deeper study of the various books and articles guiding the content of this program, you're about to gain access to as much cross country coaching information as you can handle!

BONUS #4 ($29 value)

PowerPoint Slides

You don't want to have to scan through hours of video every time you want to go back and look at one of the slides from the program.

That's why you'll find a link to download a PDF of the complete set of presentations slides directly beneath the video player for each of the 10 program modules.

BONUS #5 ($10 Value)

Drills and Routines for Speed Development, Active Warm-up, and Structured Cool-Down

* 5 reasons your endurance athletes should do drills aimed at speed
* Find out the 4 specific goals of drills...and get specific coaching cues for teaching them correctly
* Get Coach Christensen's 6-phase warm up sequence
* Contains 9 sample circuits covering everything in the warm up and cool down (this includes over 60 different drills and exercises)

Why You Should Listen to Scott Christensen

Scott Christensen - Stillwater HS (Minnesota)

Scott Christensen’s teams have been ranked in the national top 10 eight times. He won the 1997 High School National Championship and his squads have captured multiple Minnesota State Championships. Four Stillwater alumni have broken 4:00 in the mile since leaving the program.

Scott has coached 13 Minnesota State Championship-winning teams and 27 individual Minnesota State Champions.

He was the USTFCCCA Endurance Specialist School junior team leader for the World Cross Country Team in 2003 and the senior team leader in 2008.

Scott spent 14-years as a USATF Level II endurance lead instructor and currently serves as lead endurance instructor for the USTFCCCA Coaching Academy.

Scott Christensen

About Scott's programs

To date, Scott has created 11 increasingly popular coaching video programs for CTF on topics ranging from 800m development all the way up through the 5K speed, as well courses on speed development for distance runners and peaking strategies for distance runners.

Known for his straightforward, modern, and unapologetically science based approach to teaching and training, Scott has also written nearly 100 training articles on middle distance and cross country.

A fellow high school coach with over 30 years of coaching experience, Scott's resources leave no stone unturned in teaching you, the coach, exactly how to address the specific demands and needs of the high school middle distance and distance athlete.

This program, The Advanced Cross Country Training Symposium, contains his most comprehensive, up to date, and advanced program focused on all elements of cross country training and team development.

If your cross country program is important to you, then this program must be part of your coaching library.

“Scott and his programs have turned around our XC program. What he says and does for the sport goes well beyond daily workouts. He explains the "WHY". 6 or 7 years ago we were well below average by my standards. Our runners now believe in the program and don't question the workout or purpose. Our 5K kids are running in the 17' and low 18' range. The 9 day microcycle system gets them in shape without doing the same thing every week. The variety keeps them fresh for the next workout without BORING them. I encourage every coach, especially those new to a program, to invest in Scott's cross country programs.

Allan Wardan
Goodrich, MI

“Two years ago I began to incorporate Scott's methodology into my team's training for both cross country and track. In XC we moved from 5th in the state to 2nd in both girls and boys. In Track we swept all middle distance races for 1A schools at State. Scott offers sound training principles and great training structure for High School runners.

Robert Collins
Greenville, SC

“Scott's program changed the way I coach. My program was fairly successful especially for a urban school with no facilities. Scott's approach for distance runners to think like sprinters helped us go from a good local program to a good program in New York State. School records have dropped significantly. For example the 1600 meter record went from 4:24 to 4:12, the 3200 meter 9:32 to 8:54 the 4x800 from 8:05 to 7:53. I have been coaching for 30 years and Scott's ideas show that it is never too late to learn some new tricks!”

Pat Dormer
New York, NY

“The program has helped me to better understand various training styles and bring better organization to my planning. I struggled with how much is too much for so long. Our athletes come from a low income urban city district and are not always the best equipped or prepared before they come to us. In the past I would focus so heavily on building a base in the beginning of the season. Using ideas from this program I balance the base while also getting to speed.”

Christopher Yeshulas
Reading, PA

So How Much Does This Program Cost?

Scott Christensen's Advanced Topics in Cross Country Training Symposium weighs in at nearly 12 hours of advanced content spread across 10 video modules.

When you order today, you also get unlimited Q&A access with Coach Christensen (as well as the ability to see all the questions and answers posted by your colleagues), all the PowerPoint slides, the Talent ID chart, the annotated bibliography, and over 60 drills and exercises spread across 9 different warm up/cool down circuits and series.

Scott Christensen's Advanced Topics in Cross Country Training Symposium is a digital program you can stream on any device with internet access - desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet. And you can do so from anywhere in the world.

You can also download all the videos and bonus files to your hard drive for offline viewing.

(At this time, there are no DVDs. Because it is not 2006 and DVDs aren't a thing anymore.)

So, when you order, as soon as you fill out the registration form, you'll have immediate access to all of the program materials.

Let's get down to brass tacks and recap exactly what you're getting and what it is actually worth....

You may be wondering how I justify the "$37 value" I listed for each module. Fair question. If you go to any website selling Track and Field/Cross Country training videos, you'll clearly see that a single 45-60 minute DVD costs between $29.00-$49.00. Each video module in this program runs between 60-80 minutes. For all intents and purposes, this program is 10 separate 'digital DVDs'. Each module, on its own, would sell for between $29.00-$49.00. So, if sold individually, the Real World Value of the core program (10 'digital dvds x $37 each) can be conservatively listed as $352.00. Now let's add the value of the Bonuses we're offering... Not only do you get Lifetime Q&A with Coach Christensen, you get to see the full exchange of every question posed by your colleagues, as well as Scott's responses. Coaches and consultants of Scott's caliber charge, at minimum, $100 per hour of their time. Take advantage of this availability and a price tag of $197 is a conservative estimate of the value of getting a response from Scott within 24-48 hours...for as long as the program is on the market (which will be many years).

Add the true value of the core Advanced Topics in Cross Country Training Symposium program ($352) with the exclusive Bonus Resources ($294) and you get a Real World Value of $646.00.

Obviously track and cross country coaches don't have football program budgets. So we're not going to ask you to pay those amounts. Instead, when you order now, you will get immediate access to all of the videos and coaching files listed at the right for $646.00  $370.00   only $147.

  • (MODULE #1) Introduction: Track vs Cross Country ($19 value)
  • (MODULE #2) Applying Scientific Theory to Training, Part 1: Adaptation ($37 value)
  • (MODULE #3) Applying Scientific Theory to Training, Part 2: The Fitness Paradox ($37 value)
  • (MODULE #4) The Role of Fatigue on Performance ($37 value)
  • (MODULE #5) Cross Country Training Theory ($37 value)
  • (MODULE #6) The Influence of Aerobic Training on Performance ($37 value)
  • (MODULE #7) The Influence of Anaerobic Training on Performance ($37 value)
  • (MODULE #8) Training Schedules for the 5k ($37 value)
  • (MODULE #9) Establishing and Evolving Positive Team Dynamics ($37 value)
  • (MODULE #10) Psychological Inventories and Interventions ($37 value)
  • (BONUS #1) Unlimited Q&A Access w/ Coach Christensen ($197 value)
  • (BONUS #2) Diagnostic Chart for Endurance Talent Identification ($29 value)
  • (BONUS #3) Annotated Bibliography of Program References ($29 value)
  • (BONUS #4) PowerPoint Slides ($29 value)
  • (BONUS #5) Drills and Routines for Speed Development, Active Warm-up, and Structured Cool-Down ($10 value)
Scott Christensen - Advanced Topics in Cross Country Training

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Click on 'Get Access Now' to Immediately Stream and/or Download Advanced Topics in Cross Country Training, Scott Christensen's all new, 12 hour advanced digital coaching symposium for sub-collegiate coaches and athletes.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Question #1

How much of the material in Advanced Topics in Cross Country Training is new? Would you consider the training and physiology a summary or repetition of Scott's previous programs or a progression of Scott’s experiences/knowledge?”

Directly From Scott Christensen:

"The Advanced Topics Symposium in Cross Country was developed to cover coaching and program preparation in the sport of cross country running for all levels of coaches and athletes. Broad themes of the symposium include athlete management, training design, performance psychology issues, philosophy, administration and ethics in building a team culture, competition management, technical issues and instruction, and sports sciences related to cross country running.

The Advanced Topics Symposium serves as a more detailed follow-up to the Training Model for High School Cross Country presentation because it goes into greater detail as to the “why” things are done as they are in a training program and what is effective team building. The Training Model course was developed to give cross country coaches “what” and “when” workout ideas for every day of the season as the training cycles progress. The Advanced Topics Symposium gives coaches the knowledge, skills, and confidence to develop their own workout ideas along a similar sequence to The Training Model presentation, but not following it from day to day. Hopefully, a cross country coach will have the skill to individualize a training program for their unique team and talent after watching the Advanced Topics Symposium.

The first four modules present current scientific knowledge of endurance runner anatomy and physiology, including reasons and pitfalls related to adaptation to training stimuli and causes of fatigue. The remainder of the modules relates presented scientific information to training schemes."

Question #2

How is this different from Scott's 'Training Model for HS Cross Country'?

Directly From Scott Christensen:

“This latest cross country project is by far the highest level of instruction that I have written for Complete Track and Field.

If I was to fit the presentation into Bloom’s Level of Learning Taxonomy it would at the “analysis and synthesis” level of understanding for the student.

The original cross country program that I wrote and the complete workout package are presented at the "knowledge-application-comprehension" levels. Using either presentation is extremely helpful to coaches in various situations with diverse academic backgrounds and different team performance expectations.

By creating this new program, we get coaches closer to the top "evaluation level" where they are completely on their own to make their own decisions and judgements on training and team issues. Some coaches can get to that level on their own, many cannot. Some can do it with just the workout plan package, others need further help.

Hence the advanced program. It fills out all of Bloom's Level of Taxonomy.

I tried hard to make little repetition from the previous programs, but it is impossible. There is considerable scientific theory in both presentations. I tried to reach to the highest level on the latest program, while also realizing many people viewing it may not own the workout package.

This is the long answer.

The short answer is people that own other Complete Track and Field packages from me, or have been a student of mine at USATF or USTFCCCA schools over the last few years, or have read some of the 94 articles I have written for the site, or have just emailed me with questions may recognize some of this material."

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