Ask Your Shot Put and Discus Questions

Posted by Latif Thomas

Every time I talk to my good friend Ray Wilks, it seems like he’s got another stable of multiple 50’+ shot putters on his HS team. And this  year is no different.

Ray is a former teammate of mine at the University of Connecticut who earned All America honors during his time there and won every single indoor and outdoor Big East shot put competition during his collegiate days.

When he started telling me about a sophomore on his team who threw 44′ and change last year at a different school, but has already gone over 62 feet this year after less than a year with Ray I thought,

“Man, I gotta get this guy to share his secrets!”

And that’s what I’m doing. Ray is a shot and discus specialist so we’re putting together a webinar covering those topics in detail.

But this isn’t about us, it’s about you. So please let us know your  questions about shot put and discus so we can get you the information you want to know!
Ask your Shot Put and Discus questions here!

To your success,

Latif Thomas


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