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Are your personal bests all you need to get college coaches to recruit you? Eh. Maybe… But, go on Milesplit or Athletic.net and take a look at how many people in the country have almost identical times/heights/distances as you. Now think about the fact that coaches are recruiting athletes from multiple other countries as well. Even if you’re a blue chip prospect ranked Top 5 nationally, the same 5 schools are talking to the same 5 kids and can’t bring them all in so how do they differentiate? Even top schools are evaluating the same information to make those decisions and it trickles all the way down. Now you might be saying to yourself, “Sure Latif, but you’re just trying to convince me to register…

How to Run the 200m Race

  The 200 meter sprint is the Rodney Dangerfield of the sprint events. It gets no respect. When we commonly think of the sprint events, the 100 meter dash gets all the glory and the 400 meter dash gets all the respect. That leaves the middle child, the 200, left out in the cold. As an athlete whose primary event was the 200 at the collegiate level I’ve developed a certain affinity for running and coaching the event. While I’ve arguably had the most coaching success at 400 meters (and, where I’m from – the 300) I still love the Deuce best of all. In this article I’m going to break this event down so that your athletes can find greater success in the event….