Major Summer Clinic Update + Advanced 400m Training

Posted by Latif Thomas

Alright friends I have a couple of important announcements for you today. I’ll attempt to be brief and let you ask questions if you have them. First up: Summer Clinic Update

The 2013 CTF Summer Clinic is moving to Harvard!


clinicYes, this year the summer clinic will be moving to Harvard University instead of Brown University where it has been held the past two years.

There are also a couple of other changes we’re making this year that you’ll need to be aware of. Here are the important things you’ll need to know:

1. The clinic will be held on Saturday and Sunday July 20-21, 2013 at Harvard University.

That’s right. There is only One Session this year. All event groups (Sprints, Hurdles, Jumps and Throws) will be run at the same time, the same as Session II from last year. That means:

2. You must choose only one event group: Sprints or Hurdles or Horizontal Jumps (Long Jump/Triple Jump) or High Jump or Shot Put/Discus or Javelin.

You can’t spend one day at sprints and one day at hurdles because it is not fair to the other coaches and athletes to have to reteach skills and concepts you missed while at another group.

Also, we are not having pole vault this year. Keep that in mind.

3. Registration opens on Tuesday March 19, 2013 at 6:00am Eastern.

Don’t procrastinate. Secure your registration early. The last two years we have cut registrations early and many athletes got put on a waiting list. NO ONE from the waiting list got to attend the clinic.

Those are the main things to know. If you have questions, you can post them below.

If you don’t already get my emails, get on the ‘Clinic Updates List’ here.


The second major announcement is to let you know that on this Wednesday, March 13, 2013 we will be releasing Marc Mangiacotti’s ‘Advanced Concepts in 400m Training’ program.

It is based on the collegiate season and it contains a lot of sick information. The running time is just under 5 hours because Coach Mang just kept adding more and more information.

If you’re looking to up your 400m game (and who isn’t?) then you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this before you get too deep into the spring season. In my opinion, this program is best suited for college coaches and high school coaches who already feel fairly confident with their 400m training, but are track nerds and just want to consume as much information as possible. For example, if your first question is, ‘But how do I condense this stuff into my 12 week high school season?’, well, maybe you’re not quite ready for this.

But, if you’re reading this and saying ‘Oh man, yes, give me more 400 knowledge because I can never learn enough about getting the most out of my long sprinters’, well, you’re going to be pretty excited about this.

So, again, that will be available on Wednesday morning so keep an eye out for my email.

If you have questions about that you can post them here.


– Latif Thomas

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Latif Thomas - Latif Thomas owns and operates Complete Track and Field and serves as the Co-Director of the Complete Track and Field Clinic at Harvard University, the largest track and field clinic in the United States. A popular speaker and presenter at some of the largest coaching clinics across the country, Latif has true passion for the sport and it definitely shows. Over the past 19 years, he has coached more combined League, Division, All-State, and New England Champions in sprints, hurdles, and jumps than he can count. Follow @latif_thomas on Twitter.

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