How to Plan and Progress Effective Training for Your High School Middle Distance (800-1600) Runners

Many highly successful coaches have argued that the middle distance events are the most difficult to prepare athletes for. And they may be right. The tricky relationship between aerobic and anaerobic qualities mean designing training for these ‘combined zone’ races can quickly and easily steer off course, regardless of your experience or the age group/s you work with.

With this in mind, you probably have questions about designing training for your 800m and 1600m runners. Especially the talented ones.

In fact, it’s likely what brought you here today. And, depending on what you do next, obtaining these answers could fundamentally change the way you train your middle distance runners.

Now, if you’ve ever asked yourself important questions like:

  • What’s the ideal mileage my 800 meter and 1600 meter runners should be doing during the different phases of the season? What about the pace? What types of workouts shoud I be running?
  • Should my middle distance runners be performing true ‘speed’ workouts….like the sprinters do? What about weight training?
  • Is VO2 max training really that important? Why or why not?
  • How do I figure out (or project) appropriate pacing for different types of workouts?
  • How do I decide which types of workouts to have my runners do…and when? And how fast? …And how much volume? And, while we’re on the topic, how often?

…then you’ll be extremely excited about Scott Christensen’s Master Class on preparing the elite junior middle distance runner. Because he’s giving you specific answers to these questions and many more.

In case you’re not familiar with Coach Scott Christensen, here are just a few of his coaching accomplishments:

Scott Christensen

  • Scott C 150x150 Middle Distance Training with Coach Scott Christensen14 year USATF Level II Lead Instructor (Endurance Events)
  • Five different Minnesota State Champions in the 800 and 1600 since 1996.
  • Four Stillwater alumni have broken 4:00 in the mile since 2003
  • 6 Time Minnesota State Coach of the Year (Track & Cross Country)
  • 1997 National High School Boys Cross Country Champions
  • Co-Wrote 4 Teaching Publications for USATF Coaching Education
  • Given over 45 invited coaching presentations at National Coaching Education clinics and seminars

In this ‘Complete Middle Distance (800-1600) Training for High School Runners‘, spanning 2 hours and 35 minutes, Coach Christensen breaks his program up into four specific topics of discussion: Athlete and Event Profiling for the Middle Distance Events, Training Modalities for the 800 meter and 1600 meter Events, The Multi-Paced Training Scheme for the 800m and 1600m Events and Key Workouts for Each Pace of the Multi-Paced Training Scheme.

Complete Middle Distance Training Program Information


Let’s take a quick look at just a handful of the topics Coach Christensen covers in each Master Class Training Video Session:


Session #1: Athlete and Event Profiling for the Middle Distance Events

  • Exactly why the ‘multi-paced’ scheme elicits better results than prescribing high volumes of mileage
  • 2 specific things coaches must do to prepare athletes for the ‘critical zone’ of the event – where the race is won and lost
  • Successful racing in the fast end of the combined zone (800 & 1600) relies on managing oxygen and…
  • The 3 physiological training goals inherent in every elite middle distance program
  • Why running a fast 800m is more important to success for your milers than running the 3200
  • And much, much more…


Session #2: Training Modalities for the 800 meter and 1600 meter

  • How to determine pace and volume for your long run…and why these are ‘hard and fast’ rules
  • The truth about ‘base mileage’ and why it should be considered ‘recovery mileage’
  • Why any run less than 20 minutes has almost Zero Value
  • 4 specific benefits to your weekly long run…if you do it right
  • The training modality you absolutely must understand better than you do now (or why you can’t bake a cake without any flour)
  • And much, much more…


Session #3: The Multi-Paced Training Scheme for the 800m and 1600m

  • A detailed look at the 5 paces of the multi paced training scheme
  • Why developing the anaerobic alactic energy system is critical to success in the 800 and 1600m
  • The secrets behind using the 12 day microcycle as the foundation of workout planning
  • Why and how American middle distance coaching and training has failed to keep pace with the rest of the world
  • How to incorporate speed development (like sprinters do) into training and why no middle distance runner can go without it
  • And much, much more


Session #4: Key Workouts for Each Pace of the Multi-Paced Training Scheme

  • The #1 reason athletes claim ‘burnout’ and how to keep it from ever happening again
  • Why VO2 max pace must change every 12 days to prevent workouts from losing value and effectiveness
  • Discover the logic behind using ‘date pace’ vs ‘goal pace’…and how it can make or break the workout
  • How and when to use maximum effort runs to develop the skill of speed in your middle distance runners
  • The secret to ‘peaking’ and why it has little to do with fancy workouts run at the very end of the season
  • And much, much more



addtocart Middle Distance Training with Coach Scott Christensen

What you do next is, of course, up to you. But think of it like running a middle distance race. You can wait until the last second to start your kick. And you may even experience success that way. But if you wait too long, you’ll never beat those runners who always choose to lead the pack.

When you consider the quality of information, the source and the impact it will have on your athletes, your coaching and your program, 97 dollars feels like a very fair investment. One that will see a return many times greater than what you’re committing today. Order today and start using the training information in your mid distance workouts immediately (and start producing better 800m-1600m track and field runners).

Complete Middle Distance (800-1600) Training with Scott Christensen


Complete Middle Distance Training Program is only $99
addtocart Middle Distance Training with Coach Scott Christensen


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