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"How to Plan, Progress, and Administer Effective Workouts For Your High School 55m-400m Sprinters"

If you wrestle with not only which drills and workouts to use, but also when, where, why and how best to use them, here are the answers to your program design questions ⇒

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Complete Program Design for Sprinters by Latif Thomas

8 Training Modules. 8 Hour Running Time. Lifetime Q&A Support

From: Latif Thomas, USATF Level II & USTFCCCA Event Specialist (Sprints, Hurdles, & Relays)

To: High School Sprints Coaches

Date: July 16, 2024

Coach Latif Thomas

You have one main obligation to your sprinters:

Help them run their lifetime best times at the biggest meets of the season. Everything you do in practice (from warm up to warm down) revolves around this one goal.

If your athletes aren’t consistently peaking when it counts, during the biggest meets of year, then their entire season is tainted.

Because PRs only matter when they’re run in races that matter.

With my Complete Program Design for Sprinters, not only will I give you alll the tools and resources you need to help your athletes get it done in Prime Time, I'll be there every step of the way to answer your questions.

Here's What You Get:

Complete Program Design Module #1:
Training Inventory & Demands

($37 Value)

Every well designed program starts with knowing which qualities your sprinters need to improve their speed.

Which strengths and weaknesses should you focus on?

Once you know, you can establish all the specific types of training, drills and exercises you’ll use during your practices.

And save yourself several hours each week in prep time, even if you’re new to organized program design.

If you’re not doing this before well before the start of each and every season, watch this 35 minute video and I’ll walk you through the entire process, where you’ll discover ⇒

  • The 5 specific training qualities your program must revolve around in order to see universal improvements in your sprinters
  • 8 specific methods you can use to develop speed
  • Discover a step by step blueprint for establishing your entire training inventory for every event group
  • How to quickly and easily come up with Plan B and Plan C workouts so you always achieve your daily objectives
  • An easy way to group training activities by their common traits giving your flexibility in your approach to training
  • And much more…

Complete Program Design Module #2:
Training Phase Progressions

($37 Value)

Your understanding of the rules and structure behind training phase progressions serves as the foundation of your program design.

If your sprinters don’t peak at the right time, struggle with nagging injuries or experience consistently inconsistent performances in practice and meets, the problem can almost always be found here.

If you don’t have a clear understanding of how the different phases of training affect your program design structure or you don’t get exactly how to progress your workouts over the course of an entire season, this 84 minute video will cut right to the chase, when I reveal ⇒

  • A simple way to establish how long each training phase should be (no matter how long…or short…your season is)
  • Why athletes won’t peak at their highest if you don’t meet these specific objectives of the General Preparation Phase
  • How to smoothly progress each of the 5 biomotor abilities through the training phases (with specific examples so the guesswork is removed)
  • Why General Preparation is the most important training phase for high school athletes and which drills and workouts give you the most 'bang for your buck'.
  • The truth about end of season ‘peaking’ workouts. (You may be approaching your season all wrong!)
  • And much more…

Coaching Success Stories

With Complete Program Design for Sprinters my athletes improved faster with less injuries and set-backs than with my previous programs. All of my athletes earned all time PR's in their respective events, including a few school records.

Chris Baker
Long Island, NY

With (CPDS) I've become a better coach, our sprinters improve on a daily basis, are more confident and are having more fun. We are a small private school and only had four sprinters. All four blew away last year's PRs; three of the four qualified for New England's where two absolutely shattered school records!

Fred Frey
South Burlington, VT

Complete Program Design Module #3:
Energy Systems & Workout Planning

($37 Value)

Are you on the hunt for ‘the perfect workout’ for every occasion, event group and situation?

Here's the problem with that: There’s no such thing.

When you think about a practice, you don’t think about the kind of workout you want to run. You think about the specific energy system you want to challenge.

And what type of training will best stimulate the specific response that will get your athletes in the best ‘shape’ for their events. That's why, in this 65 minute video, I get rid of all the complicated science words and get right to the details of how to specifically train each energy system in each phase of training, including ⇒

  • A detailed breakdown of the body’s 3 primary energy systems (in simple terms and language that you can actually understand)
  • Multiple examples of specific workouts and progressions for each energy system
  • My sure fire method for establishing workouts times (so you stop guessing & inventing them out of thin air)
  • Analysis of every workout type you need to run with your sprinters no matter what event group they compete in (with specific examples)
  • Exactly where and when to place workouts in the training cycle so you don’t combine energy systems and overtrain your sprinters
  • And much more...

Complete Program Design Module #4:
Fundamentals of Program Design

($37 Value)

It's likely want your sprinters to get the most out of each drill, exercise and workout you plan. Otherwise, you wouldn't waste your time reading this.

So let's get down to the nitty gritty:

Planning and progressing your annual plan through setting up your daily, weekly (microcycles), and monthly (mesocycles) schedules.

Follow the guidelines I share with you in this 61 minute video to maximize the efficiency of each practice. You'll get more done in less time when you discover ⇒

  • The 3 Rules your program must always follow (or you’ll paint yourself into a program design corner)
  • 7 easy steps to designing and implementing your annual plan
  • How to identify and classify competitions (meets are important parts of training and every athlete should have a plan for each race)
  • The #1 secret behind how many intervals to run, how fast and how much rest
  • How to simplify each category of training using a (provided) periodization template
  • And much more!

More Coaching Success Stories

Complete Program Design for Sprinters has been the best investment I've made to help organize and prepare my kids to perform at their best. It has helped me produce the top summer track program in our area and specifically one male athlete has excelled to become one of the top juniors in the sprints, according to ESPN - Rise magazine.

Calvin Smith
Round Rock, TX

I would definately recommend this program to other coaches and athletes, although not to my current opposition as I feel it would be like a deadly weapon they would use against me. But honestly Latif, the step by step process of the phases from general prep through to competition & on to peaking is straightforward, easy to follow and implement!

Fred Frey
South Burlington, VT

Complete Program Design Module #5:
Getting Your Sprinters to Buy In

($37 Value)

If you really want to run one of those nasty sprint programs you need to get your athletes to buy into training; hook, line and sinker.

That’s what sets my programs apart. My kids will stay late, come early and runs through walls for me.

And I don’t have to beg or plead with them to do it.

They want to. They ask to do it. Sometimes I get in trouble with the Athletic Director because they won’t go home from practice!

Sound too good to be true? I can’t imagine it any other way.

And you won’t either when I show you how I do it in this 59 minute video where you’ll discover ⇒

  • The #1 concept you must promote to your entire group (and convince them to participate in from the first day of practice)
  • Why every workout should be optional (and how to encourage athletes to see if you really mean it!)
  • Boost your sprinters’ confidence by immediately dismissing all their personal best times. (Seriously!)
  • Where and when to use the *one* simple sentence that takes all the pressure out of stepping up in big races
  • Discover the impressive power of ‘the feedback loop’ (kids who never spoke in the past will tell you their hopes and dreams)
  • Why giving athletes ownership in the program leads to universal success (and saves you time)
  • And much more!

Complete Program Design Module #6:
Goal Setting

($37 Value)

If you don’t know exactly where you want to go, you’ll never get there.

In an individual sport like track and field, every athlete needs to have specific personal (and team) goals to motivate them through the grind of training.

To grow your program and establish relationships with your athletes, you must with each athlete toward achieving these goals.

In this 39 minute video, I explain exactly how and why goal setting with your athletes is just as important as the workouts they do. For example: ⇒

  • The primary difference between Goals and Expectations (and why we don’t believe in ‘goals’ in my program)
  • 5 specific benefits of using goal sheets with your sprinters, plus where and when to use each type
  • My 3 step ‘goal sheet’ system guaranteed to unlock the hopes and dreams of every athlete (you will be amazed at what you learn about your athletes)
  • 4 reasons to start using the ‘Track Walk’ on a regular basis (the best time to play counselor with your temperamental HS girls!)
  • The 3 types of goals athletes must establish from the first day of practice
  • And much more...

More Coaching Success Stories

Since using the material in Complete Program Design for Sprinters, the overall performance of the athletes is overwhelming. In fact, the athletes taking part in the South African National Championships has grown from 6 to 16 in only 3 years!

Dirk Janser van Rensburg
Bethlehem, Free State, South Africa

I used to get advice from other coaches and read articles from other coaches. I would watch all the videos but nothing ever put all the pieces together the way Complete Program Design for Sprinters does.

Susan Christoffersen
Fairfield, CT

Complete Program Design Module #7:
12 Week Short Sprint (55m-200m) Program Review

($37 Value)

Even when you know what to do, you still want to see what it’s supposed to look like.

So, I took the typical high school 12 week season and broke it down in detail. I took all the ideas I cover in Modules 1–4.

...and created a daily program out of it.

Every day. Every running workout.

Every training phase.

For 12 full weeks.

Here’s just a piece of what I cover in this 65 minute video ⇒

  • Why athletes must learn how to hit their times during GPP...or pay the price later in the season
  • A simple reason for starting "lactic acid" workouts the first week of practice
  • How to ensure you never combine energy systems (and avoid injury, overtraining and burnout)
  • Why you shouldn’t do speed drills on speed days during GPP (you read that right!)
  • Simple ways to individualize training for various skill levels and training ages
  • And much more...

Complete Program Design Module #8:
12 Week Long Sprint (200m-400m) Program Review

($37 Value)

Even when you know what to do, you still want to see what it’s supposed to look like.

So, I did the same thing I did with the 12 week short sprints program...

...and applied it to the long sprints group.

Every day of the entire season:

Every warmup, track workout, drill, and training circuit.

For every training phase.

For a 12 full weeks.

(And remember, I'll also answer all of your training questions!)

Here’s just a piece of what I cover in this 70 minute video ⇒

  • Why short and long sprinters can run the same workouts during GPP...with one fundamental exception
  • The importance of ‘mental training’ for your long sprinters (you must condition them to embrace the last 100m of that 400!)
  • The truth about ‘speed’ vs. ‘endurance’ for your 400m runners...and female 300m runners
  • How to structure training when you have several meets during the week (and still get in top "shape")
  • An easy way to know exactly when to shut down a workout (whether its speed work or 'conditioning')
  • How to structure ‘unloading’ weeks into your training progression (long sprinters need this break or performances will plateau)
  • And much more!

About Latif Thomas...

  • Featured speaker at many of the most prestigious state coaching conferences including: Illinois, New England, Wisconsin, Ohio, Connecticut, MF Athletic US All Star T&F Clinic, & International Youth Conditioning Association International Summit
  • Holds USATF Level I & Level II (Sprints, Hurdles, & Relays) Certificates, as well as USTFCCCA Event Specialist Certification (Sprints, Hurdles, & Jumps)
  • Coached the fastest girls 4x100 team (and only sub48 time) in Massachusetts history (47.92) as part of back to back State Championships in the 4x100 and 4x200 (2008-2009)
  • Former All New England, All Big East, and All IC4A Honors (1998-2000) while competing for the University of Connecticut
  • Owner of Complete Track and Field and Co-Director of the Complete Track and Field Clinic (heald at Harvard University each July), the biggest high school track and field clinic in the United States.
  • Massachusetts State Track Coaches Association Girls Track & Field Coach of the Year - 2005

OK. How Much Does This Cost?

This program has sold for years at $197.00. It may sound like a lot, but consider this: The typical DVD you find on any other site runs roughly 45-60 minutes and will cost you between $30.00 - $40.00.

Complete Program Design for Sprinters gives you 8 HOURS of video content.

Even at the low end of $30.00 per hour, broken into individual programs, you'd pay $240.00 for this much information.

So, when you think about it, charging $197.00 is a good deal. But, I've coached middle school and high school sprinters since the 1990's (it hurts to say) and I know how limited your budget may be.

That's why, when you order Complete Program Design for Sprinters today, you won't pay $240.00. You won't even pay $197.00. I'm offering you all eight hours for only...


Here's An Even Better Deal!

I'm offering you a lot of information.

You’re going to have questions.

I know because I’ve been there. I've been successful because I'm blessed to have access to a lot of amazing track and field coaches. And I want to pay their generosity forward.

That’s why, when you order now, I’m offering the following Bonus materials with a Real World Value of *at least* $138.00.

Complete Program Design Bonus #1

Unlimited Q&A Support with Latif Thomas

(Limitless Value)

I don't have a 'consulting fee' because you can't hire me for consulting.

And I don't take on any individual or small group coaching clients.

Not because I think I'm special. Not in the least. I just don't have time.

So I can't put a price tag on the value of answering all of your questions forever. But, if you actually ask a few questions I'm confident you'll find the option to be worth far more than what you paid for the program.

Complete Program Design Bonus #2

12 Week Daily Short Sprint (55m-200m) Program

($37 Value)

You know how I feel about ‘cookie cutter’ programs.

But they do serve as a powerful guide to get you started and keep you on track.

In Design Module #7 I break down this 12 week program. But I’m also giving you the full version to use in whatever way you want.

Every single workout, exercise, set, rep and progression is fleshed out for you for an entire 12 week training season.

Everyone always asks for a full season program. Here it is.

Complete Program Design Bonus #3

12 Week Daily Long Sprint (200m-400m) Program

($37 Value)

Can’t give you a short sprint program without the long sprint version. After all, everyone wants to know how to train 400 runners!

Here is the full season program with every ounce of work already done for you.

Need a jumpstart? Just use this to get going and make changes on the fly. (Don't forget to take advantage of your opportunity to get all of your questions answered!)

Every single workout, exercise, set, rep and progression is fleshed out for you for an entire 12 week training season.

Everyone always asks for a full season program. Here it is.

Complete Program Design Bonus #4

Complete Program Design Transcripts

($37 Value)

Want to follow along as I explain?

Maybe you prefer to read the information instead of listen to it. Or you want to print it out and read it at your convenience.

The choice is yours. But all 8 hours of content has been transcribed, word for word, for your convenience. Now you can combine your notes and questions with the specific content I’m covering.

Complete Program Design Bonus #5

Goal Sheets & Annual Plan Template

($27 Value)

I went over my goal sheet progression in the program.

But there’s no need for you to reinvent the wheel. Take mine and use them with your athletes or edit them for your specific needs.

Either way just make sure you use them!

With the goal sheets is an annual plan template. This concise chart allows you to plot out your progressions, meets and season. So when you start to second guess your decisions or want to make sure you’re not progressing too fast (or slow) you’ll know exactly where you are.

Use this blueprint to ensure athletes peak when it counts!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Zero Risk 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with the quality of this program or the information it contains, simply request a refund within 60 days of purchase. We will refund you every penny of the purchase price. No hassle. No questions asked.

Get Immediate Access To All 8 Hours of My 'Complete Program Design For Sprinters' Digital/Streaming Program Now For Only $197.00


Get Access Now!

In addition to a full A-to-Z walkthrough of how to plan and progress training for your high school short and long sprinters, your purchase also includes sample microcycles for each training phase to keep you on course. Best of all, you'll get Lifetime Q&A Support with me. So you won't be left on your own to figure things out. I'm making myself available to answer all of your planning training for sprints related coaching questions.

Complete Program Design for Sprinters (by Latif Thomas)

Get Immediate Access

To your success,

Latif Thomas, USATF Level II & USTFCCCA Event Specialist (Sprints, Hurdles, & Relays)

Owner - Complete Track and Field
CoDirector - Complete Track and Field Clinic

An Offer You Can’t Refuse… 

Let’s take a look at everything you get when you order the fully digital Complete Program Design for Sprinters today:

Module #1: Training Inventory and Training Qualities ($37 value)
Module #2: Training Phases ($37 value)
Module #3: Energy Systems and Workout Planning ($37 value)
Module #4: Fundamentals of Program Design ($37 value)
Module #5: How to Get Athletes to Buy into Training ($37 value)
Module #6: Goal Setting ($37 value)
Module #7: 12 Week Short Sprint Program Review ($37 value)
Module #8: 12 Week Long Sprint Program Review ($37 value)

Bonus #1: Lifetime Q&A Support (Unlimited Value)
Bonus #2: 12 Week Short Sprint (55-200) Program ($37 value)
Bonus #3: 12 Week Long Sprint (200-400) Program ($37 value)
Bonus #4: Program Transcripts ($37 value)
Bonus #5: Goal Sheets and Templates ($27 value)

Total Real World Value: $434.00

Yours for only $434 $240 $197!