4 Articles Showing You How to Create Simple, Flexible, and Effective Annual Plans for Your High School Track & Field Athletes

From the general preparation phase through competition phase and championship season, these articles will show you how to plan and progress workouts for your high school track and field athletes.


1. How to Create an Annual Plan for High School Sprinters

Annual Plan

"As the years go on, I’ve found that the more energy I put into my general annual plan, the easier it is to write highly effective workouts, as well as make adjustments once the pandemonium of the season starts..." Watch This Video Now...


2. Annual Plan for High School Hurdlers (Part I)

Annual Plan

"The number of weeks in your season will determine how many hard days, easy days, rest days, and competitive days (the same as hard days) you have available.  By establishing what days will fatigue your high school hurdler and what days won’t you will be more able to accurately determine the level of accumulative stress so your hurdler will be able to perform O.T.D. ('On The Day')..." Read the Rest of This Article... 

3. Annual Plan for High School Hurdlers (Part II)

Annual Plan

"Every race on the track has a 'critical zone' or the place where the race is ultimately won or lost. That is why you must run workouts that mirror the acceleration, top end and maintenance portions of the race. If you run indoors, you get tremendous competition opportunities to stabilize the first phase. Starts over 2-4 hurdles are great during this period of the year (January to March) and makes the work over the next two phases easier to bleed into..." Read the Rest of This Article... 

4. The Macrocyle (Middle Distance Annual Plan)

Annual Plan

"The macrocycle template should also have a section for notes at the bottom of the chart to keep both the athlete and coach on the same page regarding the specific tools of training design.  Follow the middle-distance macrocycle plan as the season progresses, but do not be rigid.  If adjustments need to be made, then make them on the fly, but only after a careful analysis of the changes..." Read the Rest of This Article...

Race Strategy & Tactics for the Endurance Events: 800m-5000m

Now they’ll be as confident in their race plan as you are in their training!

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