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How To Develop Event Specific Endurance In 800m-5000m Runners

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From emerging high schoolers to elite post collegiates, Coach Christensen provides the training science and specific workout progressions you'll need to design effective workouts for your endurance runners.

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    Discover a step by step guide to understanding commonalities and differences between events (800m – 10,000m) ensuring the planning process becomes easier than ever!

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    How to apply and understand the role of VO2 Max in training (VO2 Max is the critical component in the endurance events – understanding this concept can make or break your program)

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    The secret to using recovery runs and workouts to improve conditioning and generate faster times in athletes at all levels.

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    Specific workouts and progressions for each training phase & event group, covering athletes of every skill level (these baselines will keep your training on track no matter who you coach)

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    The truth about why, when, where, and how to utilize ‘speed work’ for endurance athletes. (Not goal pace training, true ‘sprinter style’ speed work at full speed with full rest.)

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    4 keys to improving stride length and frequency, quickl allowing runners to cover more distance in each stride with less effort (including specific workouts and examples you can use right away)

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Neuromuscular Inventories & Application

Reducing contact time, thus improving stride rate, is the key to improving performance. For a distance runner to reduce contact time by .02 per stride would lead to marked improvement in all distances. At that rate, an elite distance runner taking 500 strides per kilometer would improve performance by about 10 seconds per kilometer...which is 50 seconds over a 5 kilometer race!

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