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2014 CTF Clinic – Event Group Materials

Click on each file below to download and/or bring up a PDF copy of the file. The hard copies provided to coaches at the clinic include *only* the daily schedule for each event group and also the combined schedules for every event group. Some of the event groups posted additional training inventory materials which are contained in the files on this page. Additionally, you can bring up individual event group files so you have less pages to sort through.

1. Sprints Group Materials

2. Hurdles Group Materials

3. Distance Group Materials

Myrtl Routine – Additional Distance Group resource

4. Long Jump/Triple Jump Materials

5. High Jump Materials

6. Shot Put/Discus Materials

7. Javelin Materials

8. Basic Clinic Schedule – All Event Groups Combined (what was given out to Coaches at Registration)


In this section, you can download the PowerPoint Presentations from the Saturday Night Seminars. They are in PDF format:

1. Boo Schexnayder – Uses of Circuit Training

==> Click here for the DVD containing video of all the exercises in Boo’s circuits!

2. Latif Thomas – Great, But How Do I Do This In My High School Program?

3. Jason Saretsky – How to Develop Distance *Athletes* Instead of *Endurance* Specialists

4. Matt Ellis – Strength, Power & Peaking Progressions for Throwers

5. David Cusano – Acceleration



Over the past 4 years we’ve compiled an ever increasing number of workouts, power points, circuits and other materials. To download all of those materials, click on the link below:

4 Years of Complete Track and Field Clinic Coaching/Training Materials

Remember to ‘right click and save as’ with the above materials. Otherwise, the files might come up as hieroglyphics or some other form of useless gibberish.

If you have questions, send an email to: contact@completetrackandfield.com