“Finally! A Surprisingly Simple Approach to Maximizing Sprint
and Hurdle Performance Proven to Develop Faster
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Discover the Highly Effective Sprint Training Techniques of a
USA Track and Field Master Coach!

Fellow Sprints/Hurdles Coach:

Never before has designing your athletes’ training been made easier or clearer!

From blocks starts and the drive phase, lead and trail leg mechanics, arm action, front and backside mechanics as well, there is limitless information dedicated to the technical development of sprinters and hurdlers..

And clearly these are critical skills to master for any athlete.

But as a coach, you have more responsibilities to your sprinters and hurdlers than just mechanics.

The level of logic, detail and attention you give to structuring each and every workout determines the success of your program, from psychology and individual training sessions to the yearly plan.

But here’s a problem…

When your sprinters and hurdlers don’t succeed it is your daily preparations that have caused the problems.

Take a minute to answer the following questions:

? How often do your athletes run their best times long before Championship meets?

? How do you help athletes recover from declining mid season performances?

? How much attention do you place on preseason testing and specific goal setting?


The real question is this….

Just how confident are you in your training design planning?

You need to get the knowledge that allows for immediate, positive adjustments to all of the training situations that arise over the course of the season.

But that’s only half the story:

If you don’t have a clear understanding of how to design a strength and conditioning program resulting in steady, controlled improvement in all of your athletes, then you must keep reading.

The jealously guarded secrets of ‘how’ to structure and design the details of your program have been the subject of mystery and confusion...

...Until now!

UCLA Men’s Head Coach Tony Veney (USATF Coaches Education Level III Sprints and Hurdles Clinician and former USATF Women’s Sprint Development Chair) has finally released the most comprehensive guide to strength, conditioning and program design for sprinters and hurdlers events ever created.

Here are just a few of his many accomplishments:

Took Portland States recruiting class rank from 20th in the nation to 1st in just 2 years
Qualified 6 individual athletes for the NCAA Championships in his first season at UCLA
Former Elite Senior Film Coordinator and Junior Elite Sprint/Hurdle Camp Clinician for USA Track and Field
28 All Big Sky Awards between 2001-2003 while at Portland State


How to Ensure Every Sprinter and Hurdler Peaks For the
Biggest Meet of Their Season

Coach Veney takes the easy to understand, conversationalist style that has made him one of the sports most popular speakers and compiled an incredibly detailed text on designing every phase of your sprints and hurdlers program.

With that said, Complete Track and Field Conditioning for the Sprints and Hurdles is the cure for your sprinters’ training problems and inconsistent performances.

You’ll be able to easily identify and address some of the misconceptions you have about speed development, the relationship between training combination sprinter/hurdlers, goal setting and testing parameters to make immediate changes to your program.

It’s really quite simple…

Complete Track and Field Conditioning for the Sprints and Hurdles is written in a style that allows coaches at every level, from youth and high school through college, professionals and Masters athletes, to take a wealth of information that is quickly and easily applied it to their programs.


Coach Veney has seen success at every level. Over the course of his 29 year career in the sport, he has coached successful programs at the high school, Divisions I, II, and III and professional levels.

He understands how to apply proper training strategies to your program no matter who you coach.

And his universal experience is evident from the very first page….

For starters, the strategies for designing your program don’t confuse you with complex scientific terminology.

Instead Coach Veney used decades of coaching and teaching experience to speak to ALL coaches, so that you’ll be able to evolve your program based on the needs of your particular athletes.

The fact is, Coach Veney is one of the most sought out and popular coaches in all of track and field.

By tapping into the knowledge and experience of this USATF Master Coach, you’ll help every one of your sprinters and hurdlers reach their full potential, regardless of their age or experience.

Announcing the Complete Program Design, Strength
and Conditioning Resource for the Sprint and Hurdle Events!

Here is some of what you’ll discover in this amazing resource:


Chapter I: Developing a Training Inventory

  • 2 conditions that must be understood before designing a training plan
  • 7 specific components of the training inventory
  • 4 categories of performance that govern success in the sprints and hurdles
  • Why too much time is spent developing weaknesses at the expense of improving strengths
  • How ground and air time values affect stride length and frequency
  • Why running open events can wreck havoc with the hurdler’s ability to revert back to efficient hurdle tempo
  • Learn why you can’t get faster by training at slow speeds
  • Discover the difference between speed ‘development’ and speed ‘work’
  • The surprising facts about how most coaches look at speed training


Chapter II: Developing the Biomotor Abilities

  • Comparisons of energy system demands between sprint and hurdle races
  • The #1 myth behind training the long sprint and hurdle events
  • 9 areas that must be developed in all sprinters and hurdlers
  • Why speed must add to technical efficiency in order to improve fastest times
  • 3 subcategories of speed development
  • Why a certain type of fatigue is responsible for diminished performance
  • 4 areas of physical expertise developed by improved coordination
  • How to overcome the impact of gravity on the sprinter/hurdler
  • 7 little known benefits of general strength training
  • How psychological factors can affect performance
  • Understand how to ‘Transfer Appropriate Learning’ for better results on the track
  • How to push athletes to the required levels of performance stress
  • Why varying learning conditions results in better performances
  • Exactly why you shouldn’t tell a young 400m runner to ‘relax’ on the backstretch


Chapter III: Training Demands of the Sprint and Hurdle Events

  • Specific energy system demands and breakdowns of all the sprint/hurdle events
  • Why training must revolve around the specific energy system demands of the event
  • 2 critical factors that are the foundation of any successfully designed program
  • A blueprint for organizing training session focus
  • How to construct workouts based on energy system requirements
  • Why technical models should only be used as training guidelines


Chapter IV: Testing Protocols for the Sprints and Hurdles

  • 3 specific reasons for testing athletes to determine training goals
  • 7 overlooked factors that testing helps identify
  • How to establish solutions to individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Why certain types of testing will give skewed assessments of individual capabilities
  • How to use testing to set realistic goals
  • Secrets to preventing linear performance anxiety from putting too much pressure on young athletes
  • Why certain types of testing should be removed from consideration
  • The 6 best times to test your sprinters and hurdlers
  • How to profit from keeping detailed test results
  • 8 specific areas all your athletes should be tested in
  • Secret adjustments for the #1 most important test used for speed development
  • How to adapt testing for inexperienced athletes
  • Exactly why strength and power testing is an important component to any program


Chapter V: Recovery and Regeneration

  • Why certain elements of training have an accumulative effect on the body
  • The most neglected training unit in the development of good recovery
  • Little known factors that place unnecessary stress on the athlete
  • A sample microcycle for teaching recovery mechanisms
  • A simple method for re-evaluating training unit structure
  • How to use unloading to achieve high levels of fitness
  • Basic requirements of the regenerative process
  • 2 specific reasons why rest is so important to successful performances on the track


Chapter VI: Program Design

  • An easy, two-step blueprint for program design
  • Understand the ‘Golden Rule’ of seasonal planning
  • 4 important factors in setting seasonal goals
  • A specific formula for realistic goal setting
  • 4 types of goals to set beyond specific time improvements
  • Why the annual plan must stay fluid in order to be truly effective

Finally, all your sprinters and hurdlers will be prepared to set new personal bests at their major championship meets.

After all, if you haven’t prepared your athletes to achieve their best personal bests when it counts, then your entire season has been poorly planned and executed.

And that doesn’t have to happen ever again!


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In this exclusive interview for Complete Conditioning for the Sprints and Hurdles customers, Coach Veney reveals even more of the training secrets proven to generate World Class Sprinters and Hurdlers.

Expanding on some of the most thought provoking, results inspiring concepts presented in his book, Coach Veney ensures that when it comes to understanding the most effective program design, strength and conditioning methods for your sprinters and hurdlers, every important concept should be understood. His ‘layman’ presentation makes implementing his strategies incredibly easy.


Here are just a few of the topics that are discussed at length in this informative interview:

  • 3 areas coaches should focus on developing during a season
  • 7 specific elements a hurdler must improve in order to get faster
  • How to enhance the postural integrity of every athlete
  • Differences in strength training focus for short vs. long sprinters/hurdlers
  • Why speed must be developed on a year-round basis
  • And much, much more


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Tony Veney is no exception.

His coaching resume speaks for itself. And that alone should have you itching to get your hands on this information, no matter what the cost.

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If you work with sprinters or hurdlers at any level, Tony Veney’s ‘Complete Track and Field Conditioning for the Sprints and Hurdles’ Book must be part of your library.

How do we know?

Because we coach these events too.

In fact, it is our success coaching these events that allows us to bring this resource to you today.

And we’ve seen (and use) the techniques and strategies bursting from each page of this book. We are 100% confident that you’ll be referencing this resource until your coaching days come to a close.

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There is no catch, no fine print.

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With 60 days to test these techniques, what do you have to lose?


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Latif Thomas
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P.S. - If you are not 100% thrilled with the ‘Complete Track and Field Conditioning for the Sprints and Hurdles’ Book, simply return the program and we will refund your entire purchase price for up to 60 days. With the promise of a full refund if you’re not satisfied, there is absolutely NO RISK on your part.