Dealing with shin splints + Get your 100m training questions answered

Posted by Latif Thomas

As sprints coaches, shin splints invariably pop up. Sometimes we get through an entire season without dealing with it, sometimes it’s a few kids and sometimes it’s an epidemic.

Here is a question on the topic that Coach Mangiacotti answered from a ‘Building the Perfect 100m Sprinter From Start to Finish’ customer:

Question: Good morning Coach,

First off, thanks so much for a great class! It was very informative and cleared up some lingering questions I had. 

After listening to you last night, I had an additional question regarding multi-jumps. Where, ideally, do you fit them? In the cool down, on a higher CNS day, tempo day…With high school sprinters, could jump rope take the place in the beginning of the season?  Although I have been lucky this year with shin splints, by and large, do you have kids with them perform the multi-jumps?  If not, what alternative, if any, should they do?  – J.B.

Coach Mangiacotti says:

I usually do multi jumps on CNS days because I like to theme my days. I usually do them after the CNS workout (acceleration and/or max velocity.  Jump rope is a great multi jump early in the season. There are a ton of mini jumps like this for early season.  I try to have kids do mini jumps and hops in the sand pit or on a mat because of the large number of contacts. The sand or mat just decreases the pounding.  If your athletes have shin splints make sure they are stretching their calves in a variety of ways. Tight calf muscles usually increase the chance of shin splints. If an athlete’s shins start hurting I try to do one pool workout with them a week and I have them replace calf raises with calf stretch in the weight room.


 As part of the 100 meter Master Class, I hooked it up so Coach Mangiacotti will answer any training questions you have. That way, you won’t feel left out in the cold after going through all 2.5 hours of video and all 19 weeks of workouts *and* weight room routines.

Once you order, I’ll send you an email that will contain the email address you can use to get your training questions answered.

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