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Here you’ll learn the most effective methods for training endurance athletes.

For our purposes, this section will cover all races from 800m through the marathon, including cross country.

Distance Training Articles:

Audio Interview w/ Lance HarterLance Harter, University of Arkansas Head Coach
Coach Harter’s athletes have claimed 80 cross country and 282 track and field all-America certificates. He was named the SEC’s cross country coach of the year 10 times. Harter’s teams have earned 22 NCAA team trophies for cross country, indoor and outdoor track, most of them national championship or national runner-up trophies

Turbo Techno Training Week 2Rick Karboviak, CSCS
Coach Karboviak covers his second week of his Turbo Techno Training Series (GPS technology to track your speed & distance for an outdoor workout). Discover more tips on training with GPS Speed & Distance Monitors.

Turbo Techno Training Week 1Rick Karboviak, CSCS
Tips on Training with GPS Speed & Distance Monitors. What is Turbo Techno Training? Turbo Techno Training is a catchy name for using GPS technology to track your speed & distance for an outdoor workout.

Training Progressions for the 3k-10kAli Husain MSed, MAT, CSCS, USATF Lv. 2 Endurance
The first thing to look at in any training progression is the peaking date. Once you establish the peak date, then you can look backward and see how much time you have to develop your athletes.

Basic Philosophies on Distance RunningJeff Stiles, Head Cross Country & Head Distance Coach Washington University in St Louis
I believe that more harm than good can be done in the last 2 weeks of the season. It is essential to not rid training of all aerobic training. One of the quickest ways to run poorly at the end of the season is to cut back too much volume.

How to Develop The 800m SpecialistLiam Cain
Understanding how to apply strength training and create structured training workouts will unlock the potential for fast 800m running performances.

Ohio State University Track Matt Taylor, www.ChasingTradition.com
A Day in the life at Ohio State (OSU) track with Coach Gary

Distance Training Tips Eric Blake
Distance training is a life long process with the goal of getting stronger year after year. With this is mind it is important for the athlete to believe in what they are doing, stay healthy, train hard and probably the most important but overlooked component is have fun in what they are doing.


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