Drills and Progressions for Shot Put, Discus and Javelin

Posted by Latif Thomas

I want to put your eyes on a program from Boo Schexnayder that I don’t think you know about. In fact, Boo says it’s the best of all of his programs…

But, it’s not on the jumps, or multi/combined events or strength training.

Instead, the program is purely about teaching progressions for the throwing events.

Now, full disclosure: I’m not a throws coach.

But, last spring my state added individual Pentathlon as a scoring event in the state meet, so had to start learning the shot put and, in general terms, how to teach lower body mechanics.

Fortunately, I had a copy of Boo Schexnayder’s ‘Complete Teaching Progressions for the Throwing Events’ DVD.

It was so well done, I actually felt like I knew what I was doing when I was teaching both drills and specific glide technique to my combined event athletes.

Complete Teaching Progressions for the Throwing Events


In fact, I’ve ‘stolen’ some of the progressions to use for biomotor development with my sprinters, jumpers and hurdlers.

Maybe you don’t coach the throws, but you certainly have someone on your team who does. I don’t usually ‘hard sell’ programs, but it’s a program we have that’s not getting as much love as it should.

You understand Boo’s reputation speaks for itself.

Well, we were speaking the other day and he said he believes it is the best of all the DVDs/programs he has on our site.

And if you know Boo, well, you know exaggeration isn’t really his style.

So take a look. Indoor is basically here and there are points to be had in the throws.

Boo doesn’t deliver ‘fluff’ information so, at a full 69 minutes, I’m positive you’ll find it to be worth every penny.

Click here for more details and to watch a clip about teaching glide shot put.


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