FAQ – Boo Schexnayder’s Horizontal Jumps Program

Posted by Latif Thomas

If you have questions about Boo Schexnayder’s new horizontal jumps training program and/or DVDs, please post them in the comments section below. Please note, this is not a place to ask training questions, only questions about the program itself, i.e., how, if and why it is a good fit for your coaching/training needs.

Want your long jumpers looking like this? Get Boo's program!

Want your long jumpers looking like this? Get Boo’s program!

Training questions are, of course, answered within the horizontal jumps program itself.

We will continue to add and respond to questions below.

To watch a video about this program, click here.

To read more about all of his DVDs, as well as watch video clips,  click here.

To read/watch more about the individual DVDs (you can purchase them individually), click here:

Long Jump Teaching & Technique DVD
Triple Jump Teaching & Technique DVD
Weight Training for Sports Performance DVD
Exercises for Sports Performance DVD



Question: I am concerned that this is way too advanced for my needs. I’m dealing with 13-15 yr olds that have little or no jumps experience and I was hoping that you could give me some advice as to what resources/dvds, etc., that would be useful to get them started i would also be keen to get some jumps strength and conditioning work done. I really needing some advice and direction here.

Answer: What most people love about Boo is that on the one hand he is a genius and much smarter than most of us. But on the other hand he doesn’t rub that fact in your face. He has a way of taking things that can be complicated and explaining them so that you can understand. And that is the case in his new program. Each DVD is extremely thorough, but is progressed in such a way that you can apply it to your 13 year old who is attending their first ever long jump practice or your 23 year old post collegiate professional jumper. He even notates in the DVD when he is talking about an advanced concept so you can understand the concept as a coach, but ignore it when instructing your kids. I have A LOT of jumps DVDs and I believe this resource is the best one, even for your 13-15 year olds, from the technical side of the jump itself as well as the strength training information. Your 14-15 year olds should be in the weight room if your facilities allow it and that is covered here. But for those who are not ready, all the body weight training exercises and circuits you need are included as well.


Question: Do I have to pay freight for the delivery or is it included in the price?

Answer: You will have to pay for freight/shipping in addition to the price of the program. The costs appear to be running roughly US$7.50 to ship inside the US, US$8.48 to Canada and US$18.75 to ship overseas.

Question: Is the shipping rate for Hawaii the same as the US rate, or overseas rate?

Answer: The US rate.


Question: I have already purchased the strength training for horizontal jumps program and was happy to see we could get the individual DVDs, but I am only able to select the entire program. How do we purchase the individual DVDs?

Answer: I apologize for any confusion that the site has created. Here are the links for the individual DVDs:

Long Jump Teaching & Technique DVD
Triple Jump Teaching & Technique DVD
Weight Training for Sports Performance DVD
Exercises for Sports Performance DVD


Question: Coach Schexnayder is a tremendous horizontal jumps coach. I have heard him speak at clinics I have attended. Always with lots of good take- aways. However his last DVD left a lot to be desired. Hopefully, this 4 pack will fill in some of the voids and give me more visuals that can be shared with our athletes.

Answer: Great question. You are talking about the yellow and purple DVDs produced by Championship Productions, Teaching and Coaching the High Jump/Long Jump/Triple Jump. What most people don’t know about those DVDs is that Championship Productions came in and filmed the segments, then left and edited them all together however they felt like doing it. Therefore, Boo had no control over the outcome of the DVDs. Even Boo will admit he does not like those DVDs, how they came out or how the information was structured. That’s why, with these DVDs, he controlled the process, entirely filming, editing and narrating the videos himself, along with LSU jumps coach Todd Lane (in the LJ/TJ DVDs). This was very important to Boo and I am supremely confident that the difference in quality between those ‘Teaching and Coaching the…‘ DVDs and these DVDs is extreme and that you will not be disappointed in the least.

If you have seen Boo speak and were impressed, but wondered why his last DVDs were so inferior to his regular work, that is the reason. He didn’t control them. But since he did control these, from soup to nuts, they are very much like his clinic presentations in terms of scope, depth, quality and clarity.

So. How do I specifically think they are better? With these, there is a progression. Everything flows in a planned, logical way that naturally helps me understand how one thing leads to the next both from the event itself to how I should coach it and design training. Those other DVDs feel rushed and erratic with no sense of pacing.

But again, never forget, if you do think I’m just trying to say anything to get a sale and you think the DVDs are junk, you have 60 days to return them and get your money back. I have been doing this for 7 years now and customer service is important. You’re not going to get a runaround if you return them, just an email that says you’ve been refunded. I will gladly and loudly put my personal and professional reputation on the line in saying that these DVDs will cause you to put the other yellow/purple ones in the trash and that you will be satisfied with the content. These DVDs came out exactly the way Boo wanted them to. The others can not make that claim.


Question: Hello, I wanted to know if this will cover program design at all as i’m wondering how to set up my program for this season. I”m having trouble determining when to have the kids do their triple jumping and technique (phase work) for that. If they lift Mon/Wed/Fri and also do speed stuff on those days and some plyos, they need some recovery from those taxing workouts. Can i still get by with doing technique for TJ on Tue/Thursday?? Or is that too much. THanks alot!

Answer: This program does not cover program design for the horizontal jumps. Those DVDs cover teaching and progressing technique for long and triple. The weight training DVD does cover program design in terms of which lifts to use, with sets/reps/density, for different phases of the season. However, as part of my deal with Boo, he has agreed to create regular content in the forms of articles, videos, interviews, etc. So program design is where I will have him focus his efforts.

Speed work (on the track or as specific approach rehearsal) and bounding (plyos) IS technique for the jumps.

Question: Are the DVD’s multi-region or designed only to work in the US? I live in the UK and would like to purchase these but want to make sure they’ll work!

Answer: There is NO regional coding on the DVDs. They will work anywhere in the world.


PLEASE NOTE: We are not using this space to answer questions about program design, drill sequencing or training progressions for the jumps. You can read answers to popular jumps training questions here.

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