Good vs Bad Triple Jump

Posted by Reuben Jones

Today, Complete Track & Field Clinic Jumps Leader Reuben Jones shares a video breaking down what ‘bad’ triple jump looks like and what ‘good’ triple jump looks like.

He also explains common errors to look for, as well as what quality execution looks like. Plus, he uses a 43’4 female triple jumper as his demo athlete, so that alone is worth checking out!

If you’ve struggled performing or coaching the triple jump this year, you’ll definitely want to watch this video!

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The first entry deadline is Friday, May 31, 2013!

Remember: Coach Jones will be teaching and fixing these techniques at this summer’s Complete Track & Field clinic. Our first registration deadline is *this* Friday, May 31 so if you haven’t registered yet, you’re running out of time!

Reuben Jones is the Assistant Women's Track & Field Coach at Princeton University, as well as the Horizontal Jumps Lead Instructor at the Complete Track and Field Summer Clinic , the largest HS track and field clinic in the United States.

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  • Reuben Jones

    Hi Jon,

    I recommend orthotics, insoles or other cushioning for the shoes. Shin splints can also be due to plantar flexion in the ankle joint. I like to cue athletes to keep their ankle flexed and aim to strike the ground with the middle of the foot. You can also pay attention to the surfaces you are using for multi-jumps, sprints, etc. I am planning to be on a grass surface 90% of the general prep period in the fall!

    In practice and competition, if your athlete complains of shin pain, watch for placement of each step leading up to the point of takeoff. Over striding causes breaking forces in momentum…unfortunately, that force will be felt in the lower leg region.

    Hope this helps


  • Jon Beyle

    Good morning Coach,
    First off, thanks for the video. Very informative. Just a quick question…what adjustments/other methods do you employ with jumpers, especially triple jumpers, when they complain of shin issues?
    Thanks again.