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“Who Else Wants Every Single Cross Country Workout from June Through Nationals?”

Discover the Ultimate Training Model for Your High School Cross Country Runners


latif_thomasFrom: Latif Thomas

From summer mileage and VO2 max runs to Special Endurance and anaerobic system development, the way you structure and progress your cross country training model will make or break your athletes and program.

Literally and figuratively!

And in this modern era of developing distance runners more like traditional athletes and less like endurance specialists, you can’t get away with clinging to the old school, ‘LSD’ based model of days gone by.

If you’re running (or building) a competitive high school Cross Country program, you know how hard it is to find practical, cutting edge training information designed specifically for the sub-collegiate athlete and program.

And a program with day by day, high school specific workout  progressions from the start of summer training through Foot Locker? 

Forget about it!

Until, now that is!

Here at CompleteTrackandField.com, Cross Country coaches ask for one thing above all else:

Specific Workout Progressions.

And Coach Scott Christensen has delivered!

You may be familiar with Coach Christensen’s other program, ‘Complete Cross Country Training’. And if you’re anything like me, you want to know what the differences between the two programs before you can justify purchasing this one.

So, I asked Coach Christensen to explain the difference between the programs so there would be no confusion. Read his quote below…

“The program you have already is a textbook and the new program is a cookbook.  In the original program I explained distance science and application with a few workout examples.  The new program is a day by day diary of what to do.  There is virtually no repetition in the science portion between the two programs.  I use all new examples and graphs to illustrate my points.  The day to day workouts do have some repetition from month to month because a long run is a long run no matter when you do it.  I have tried to add new points of emphasis each time I brought up a workout I had previously talked about.  This new program is basically all about individual workouts and the sequence a coach should follow through each month of the summer and fall training year.  Every workout imaginable is described start to finish.”   – Scott Christensen

Like all digital programs here at CompleteTrackandField.com, your order also lets you post your training questions and be assured of a quick response back directly from Coach Christensen.




Here’s what you get…

The program is broken up into five separate sections based on month:

  • June and July

  • August

  • September

  • October

  • November

Each month is further divided into two video segments:

  • Detailed overview of the Training Model for that month

  • Specific workouts for each day of the particular month

We’ll also give you the PowerPoint /presentations slides so you can follow along with the videos or review the materials on your own.

Take a look at the video below. Taken from the ‘September’ section, it contains clips from both the ‘Training Model Overview’ for that month, all nine workouts for the first microcycle in September and philosophy and methodology behind two of the nine workouts from that microcycle.

As you watch, consider that the full program details every single workout for the entire season in this format. You’ll quickly realize both the quality and scope of the information, as well as feel relieved by the practical and straightforward delivery.

Because every situation and athlete is different, the ‘Training Model’ portion will give you just enough science to understand the ‘Why’ behind the training.

You’ve likely heard the saying:

‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’

In this program, you’re given your daily fish and being taught to feed yourself for a lifetime!

Don’t feel like going fishing today? No stress! Just eat the fish you’re given!

Still learning how to fish? Bring your pole and test the waters. If it’s not going according to plan, you know you have a meal waiting for you at home!

Fancy yourself a Master Fisherman/woman? Get some advice from a fellow Master and bring home an even bigger catch!

When you think about it, regardless of your coaching experience, you and your athletes stand to benefit greatly from this program. And helping our athletes realize their full potential is the fundamental reason we coach, isn’t it?


Yeah, but how much does it cost?

Fair question. Here’s a quick recap of what you get when your order Scott Christensen’s online (don’t worry you can download the videos and they play on every device) program:

5 videos, with a total running time of 4 hours and 20 minutes, segmented by training month: June and July, August, September, October and November

Training Model’ Overview video for each month, covering the science (but not a crazy amount of science) behind the workout  progressions

Specific workouts for every single day of training from June through November

Video overview of every workout detailing the philosophy and methodology behind the progressions

Full PowerPoint file for each month, covering every slide and workout described in the program

Lifetime Q&A access to Coach Christensen to ensure your comfort in adapting, modifying and evolving your high school Cross Country training model

You know how it works here at CompleteTrackandField.com. You understand the level of detail and quality contained in all of our programs. It’s no secret that all of our programs in this format retail for $97.


My friend, I’ve laid out exactly what you’ll get when you order and the specific benefits to you and your athletes. What happens next is your choice. But, I’m confident you’ve read this whole page, watched the videos and come to realize the potential gains (and fun you’ll have coaching this season) far outweigh the investment.

Or, heck, maybe it doesn’t!

Truth is, if it were me, I’d order purely on the fear of other coaches using this information to beat us!

Coach, you know what you want to do! Order now!


In track,

Latif Thomas


P.S. Concerned this program might not be effective? Check out what Coach Christensen’s (Stillwater A) 3200m runners ran at the Minnesota State Championship:


P.P.S. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied with this program, request a refund within 60 days of purchase and we will give you back every dime you spent!

P.P.P.S. Order today and get all 4 hours and 20 minutes of video, specific workouts for every single day of the Cross Country season (from June through November) and lifetime Q&A access to Coach Christensen…for only 99 dollars!