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Hurdle Training Articles


In this section you’ll find the technical information and workouts that will get your hurdlers to the finish line first.

This section covers hurdle training from 55m-400m

Hurdle Training Articles:

Top 6 Most Effective 300/400 Meter Hurdle Workouts – Steve McGill
300 and 400 meter hurdle workouts, drills, exercises and variations

110 and 100 Meter Hurdles
Jim Giroux MF Athletic/PerformBetter This article will discuss start differences between the sprints and hurdles, takeoff and hurdle clearance, workout variations, drills and training suggestions for different weeks for the 100 and 110 meter hurdles.

Identifying Potential Hurdlers – Steve McGill
The first thing I look for in identifying potential hurdlers is work ethic. The reason for this is because no matter how tall, how fast, how strong, or how quick an athlete is, he or she cannot be a hurdler without the willingness to put in a lot of hard work and to overcome a tremendous amount of frustration.


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