Conferences I’m Speaking At in December [Chicago & Maine]

Posted by Latif Thomas

I’ll be speaking at two conferences I recommend you attend.

Maine State Track Coaches Conference


On Saturday December 1, I’ll be at the Maine State Track Coaches Conference at Thomas College.

It’s not a huge event yet, but I like that these Maine college coaches are taking the initiative to create content for high school coaches in order to improve the sport in general, but specifically in giving back to their state of Maine.

Each speaker will get 30 minutes to present with a scheduled 15 min roll over time for questions and set up.

Only one speaker will present at a time.

I’ll be the keynote speaker and will go last. I’ll also present for the full 60 minutes and I’ll be focusing on a few specific areas I think high school sprints coaches are doing dumb stuff for bad reasons. It won’t be boring, I’ll promise you that.

At the conclusion of the event, attendees are invited to join the speakers if you want to engage in continued chalk talk and networking.


On Saturday December 7, I’ll be back in the Chicago area giving two presentations at the Holler-Korfist Track-Football Consortium.

This event has really grown in impressive ways since they first started out. If you coach track or football and especially if you coach both (or want to figure out how to get the football coach and players to make track an athletic development priority) then this event will be a transformative start to your season.

It’s another stellar lineup. Complete Track and Field Clinic Sprints Group Leader and Stanford University Assistant Coach Gabe Sanders will be speaking. 

And listening to Tony Holler’s ‘give no f’s’ approach to delivering content is always worth the price of admission.

(But more on them in the coming weeks…)

You can get your ticket/s at the main site.

Here is the speaker schedule.

I hope you’ll be able to make it. If you have questions, message me on Twitter or email me at






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