"Discover the Truth About Running a Modern Cross Country Training Program"

Your Cross Country program serves as the foundation and life blood of your entire Endurance program.

When you’re able to establish effective training habits and techniques throughout the summer and fall, you put your athletes in position to run their fastest possible 5K…

… and see their performances continue to improve through the entire track season.

For that reason (and many others) this program shares with you the proven Cross Country training principles guaranteed to help you develop your team and athletes into a successful program this year…and for many years to come.



The program is called “Complete Cross Country Training for High School Runners” But keep in mind one thing:

We’re talking about runners with some success and miles under their belt. This program isn’t aimed at novice runners, but at the same time, you don’t need National Class runners to benefit from the information. My goal is to help you take your High School (and to an extent, Collegiate) Cross Country program to the next level.

What’s most important is that “Complete Cross Country Training” centers on taking sound scientific principles and relating them to what you have going on with your team.

Before I go any further, here are a few things about the program creator, Scott Christensen, and the Cross Country success he's had:[box]

Scott Christensen

Scott C 150x150 Cross Country Training

  • Ranked in the Top 10 nationally Six times
  • 1997 High School National Champions
  • Multiple Minnesota State Championships
  • 4 Stillwater alumni have broken 4:00 in the mile since leaving the program (I’ll explain why this matters)
  • 14 year USATF Level II Endurance lead instructor
  • USTFCCCA Endurance Specialist School Leader
  • Junior Team Leader for World Cross Country Team in 2003
  • Senior Team Leader for World Cross Country Team in 2008


As you can see, Coach Christensen's reputation precedes him.

So let’s take a look at the four components of the program because I’m excited to show you how impactful this information can be for you and your Cross Country program.

Part I: The Aerobic Cross Country Training Model for the Summer and Fall

This is the monster that all Cross Country coaches must tackle for both summer and fall.

Developing an aerobic base is fundamental to long term success, so it’s important that you take the time to understand why your athletes’ success requires them running so many miles.

(Coach begins breaking down this topic in the video at the top of the page.)

To give you more insight into the types of ideas discussed in this presentation, take a moment to watch this video showing a popular question asked by coaches and a scenario you’re probably quite familiar with…


As you can see, the aerobic base can only be developed one way. And I spend the remainder of Part I addressing when, why and how to optimize this quality in all of your runners.

Part II: The Application of Speed and Strength Training to the Training Model

A full eight percent of the Cross Country race comes from Anaerobic qualities. Ignore or undervalue this quality and your runners simply won’t have the energy to run at maximum pace.

Take a look at this video where I show you exactly why Anaerobic training must begin as soon as the season starts, as well as an overview of how Coach Christensen structure his workout progressions over the course of a 9 day training cycle



Watch the rest of Part II to for a complete understanding of how to incorporate Anaerobic training into your Cross Country program.

Part III: The Influence of the Peaking Period


Cross Country Coaches love to talk about two things:

  1. Weekly mileage
  2. Peaking!

But, here’s the thing about peaking:

The peak is not just one thing. In fact, the reasons your favorite ‘peaking workouts’ seem to be so effective might not be for the reasons you think.

In fact, you’ll want to watch this video to find out what this mean. Coach Christensen also gives you some specific details on exactly when you must run the most important workout of the season…



I know what you may be thinking…

“But Coach, what WORKOUTS do I do?!”

Not to worry. In the program, Coach Christensen details the training strategies I recommend you follow (such as how much you should increase intensity and decrease training volume).

But he also gives you specific peaking workouts based on the energy system you want to train, including workout details from warm up, pace and rest, all the way to the warm down.

We know what coaches want to see the most and Coach Christensen has got you covered!

Part IV: Psychological Issues, Inventories and Motivation


In this section, I’m stepping away from the science that I’ve been discussing so far.

Instead I’d like to discuss some of the important and interesting psychological and motivational issues we all face as coaches.

Even if I can just give you the seed of an idea, I believe you’ll continue to explore the idea on your own. Because the relationships we cultivate with our athletes are almost always more rewarding than the results they get on the Cross Country course.

Because, ultimately, your job is to provide ‘fun’ for your athletes, as well as motivate them.

How important is motivation and how does that affect your relationships with your athletes? This video will shed some light on the subject:



You can write the greatest workouts in Cross Country history and hit mileage goals with precision. But if athletes don’t enjoy being a part of your program, you’ll never get the best out of them.

Coaching is both a science and an art.

As soon as you combine both concepts using the tools, techniques and principles laid out in “Complete Cross Country Training”, I’m confident you’ll see amazing results within your program and the athletes who compete in it.


                                                        addtocart Cross Country Training


Of course, I understand you may have questions about some of the information covered in “Complete Cross Country Training”. That’s why, when you order the program, Coach Christensen is available to answer your questions.

If you want clarification on a point he's made or have a question about your own program, simply post your question directly beneath the video in the secure, customer-only site where the program is located. He will get back to you as quickly as he can.

In fact, I have a staff person who checks for questions on a daily basis. You will get a timely response!

So now the big question is…

How much does “Complete Cross Country Training” cost?

I coach at the high school level. I get it. So I fully understand how tight your budget may be.

Here is what you get:

    • 67 Minute Video Presentation: The Aerobic Cross Country Training Model for the Summer and Fall
    • 59 Minute Video Presentation: The Application of Speed and Strength Training to the Training Model
    • 32 Minute Video Presentation: The Influence of the Peaking Period
    • 42 Minute Presentation: The Influence of the Peaking Period
    • Full Presentation PowerPoint Slide file (120 slides)



Your Price: Only 99 dollars


addtocart Cross Country Training


To your success,

Latif Thomas


Latif Thomas
Owner-Complete Track and Field


P.S. There are some coaches who would prefer digital/streaming access instead of DVDs so they can ask Coach Christensen their training questions. If this is you, and you want the digital version, click here now