Mid D & Distance Coaches (Endurance Programs on sale this week)

Posted by Latif Thomas

Middle distance and distance coaches – you know how difficult it can be to find applicable training information from successful HIGH SCHOOL endurance coaches.

High school cross country

High school cross country

And you also know that running a successful middle/distance program requires an increasingly sophisticated understanding of not only how to develop an aerobic base, but how to play with special endurance runs, speed development and other ‘race pace or faster’ types of training.

Because kids are *rolling* these days.

So that’s why I really like the programs we have from Scott Christensen, a highly accomplished high school coach out of Stillwater HS in Minnesota.

Here are his two extremely popular programs, developed specifically for high school distance coaches and middle distance coaches:

1. Preparing the Elite Junior Middle Distance (800-1600) Runner

2. Preparing the Elite Junior Cross Country Runner


If you want your kids to have the speed and stamina to keep up in these increasingly competitive races, you can’t go wrong with either program.

In track,

Latif Thomas

P.S. Click here for a list of all the resources we have on sale this week.


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