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New Boo Schexnayder Program! Circuit Training: Design & Administration

As a coach, it’s likely you regularly use circuit training for track and field athletes, regardless of event group.

And if you’re a high school coach dealing with large groups, a small staff, cold weather, poor facilities, and/or equipment limitations, you’re reliant on circuits for conditioning, recovery, and strength development…far more often than you’d prefer.

But, how confident are you in the details of your circuit training workouts?

Willing to bet you know the difference between a fitness circuit and a recovery circuit?

How many contacts in your General Prep In-Place Jump circuits? Are you General Strength circuits too hard? Or too easy?

How do you know?

Until I saw Boo Schexnayder present on this very topic, I thought my circuit training workouts were on point.

I was making some important mistakes.

But, you don’t have to make any more errors in your circuit training workouts.

Because Boo has created a coaching resource called Circuit Training: Design & Administration. It fills in all the holes and answers all the questions you have about all of your circuit training progressions. It also answers questions you didn’t even know you had.

Now, I’ve set up a few different ways for you to access this new program. ( All of Boo’s programs are on sale this week, so be sure to take advantage.)


1. Circuit Training: Design & Administration DVD (57 minutes)

If you just want to get the DVD shipped to you, click on the above link.


2. Circuit Training: Design & Administration (Digital Bundle – 3 hours)

Of course, this program is about how to design the various types of circuits we use for fitness, recovery and strength development. But, all of the specific circuits, drills, and exercises he details come directly from his Exercises for Sports Performance DVD and Weight Training for Speed Power & Sports Performance DVD. (So if you have those, by themselves or as part of Boo’s Technique & Teaching for Jumps 5 DVD program, the stand alone DVD will make even more sense.)


3. Complete Technique & Teaching for the Jumps (Digital Bundle – 6 hours)

Until now, this has been a 5 DVD set (Long Jump: Technique & Teaching, High Jump: Technique & Teaching, Triple Jump: Technique & Teaching, Exercises for Sports Performance Training, and Weight Training for Speed, Power, & Sports Performance).

Complete Technique & Teaching for the Jumps (Including the NEW Circuit Training: Design & Administration program)

Now it's available as a digital/streaming program and I've added the Circuit Training video. This means you can watch all 6+ hours of video online on any device, download the materials to your hard drive (I've added some extras) and, certainly worth the price of admission, you can ask Boo all of your training questions related to teaching technique to your jumpers.

SIDE NOTE: If you're looking for a program built exclusively around planning training workouts and progressions for your jumpers, Boo's Complete Program Design (Planning Training) For the Jumps is one of the most underrated programs we have here at CTF. (FYI: When you order Complete Technique & Teaching for the Jumps, you'll get the chance to add that program at a 50% discount.)

We all know how good Boo's stuff is.

If you have any questions about these programs or any other of Boo's programs that are on sale this week, just post your question/s below.

And remember: All sale prices will be reflected at checkout, so ignore the prices on the page!

- Latif Thomas