New Boo Schexnayder Program: MultiEvent Coaching & Practice Organization

Posted by Latif Thomas

I’ve been struggling to come up with a way to promote Boo Schexnayder’s newest program, ‘MultiEvent Coaching & Practice Organization’, in a way that didn’t sound like the kind of ‘over the top’ hype marketing that so many people cry about.

I know some of you don’t need me to ‘sell’ the program. You’ve just been waiting for me to make it available.

Like Mark Warman said, “You had me at ‘Boo’.

And Vinnie Brascia probably woke up at 3am just to get some video time in before work. Because that’s about the time he tweeted me yesterday to ask about it.

So, if you’re that level of track nerd, I won’t even force you to keep reading stuff. Here you go:

==> Boo’s new program.

My evolving philosophy on promoting things is pretty much to let you know when I have cool new programs and tell you how they’ll help and then if you’re not all about it, I’ll just focus my efforts on the people who are.

But, if you’re a high school track and field coach and *any* of the following things apply to your coaching existence…
1. You’re responsible for coaching multiple event groups. (short and long sprints, short and long hurdles *and* jumps, for example)

2. Your athletes compete in multiple event groups. (short hurdles and high jump and 400, for example)

3. You’re responsible for a large number of athletes compting in multiple events spanning multiple event groups *and* it’s just you or you and a very small staff.

4. You have limited practice time, equipment, facilities and resources.

…and you’re looking for practical solutions to those issues, you should certainly check out the new program from the man who mentors more coaches at the high school and collegiate level than anyone I can think of.

It’s new. There is absolutely nothing else like it, anywhere. It’s available for the first time as of right now. It’s on sale through Friday.

You’ll be glad you got it.

==> MultiEvent Coaching & Practice Organization with Boo Schexnayder

To your success,

Latif Thomas

Latif Thomas - Latif Thomas owns and operates Complete Track and Field and serves as the Co-Director of the Complete Track and Field Clinic at Harvard University, the largest track and field clinic in the United States. A popular speaker and presenter at some of the largest coaching clinics across the country, Latif has true passion for the sport and it definitely shows. Over the past 19 years, he has coached more combined League, Division, All-State, and New England Champions in sprints, hurdles, and jumps than he can count. Follow @latif_thomas on Twitter.

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