How to Simplify Organizing Practice for Multiple Event Groups

Posted by Latif Thomas

If you’re a high school track coach, chances are you’re simultaneously in charge of a relatively large number of kids *and* more than one event group. Efficiently and effectively organizing practice for multiple event groups may be your greatest practice challenge.

It’s frustrating to spend considerable lengths of timing planning and organizing practice specifics, only to see the practice unravel because you’re trying to teach too many things to too many kids without enough help.

Sometimes, what we need as coaches isn’t more detailed or technical information about a particular event or event group, but assistance in planning and organizing practice for multiple event groups in such a way that every athlete gets the appropriate training and feedback.

Fortunately, there is such a resource.

Boo Schexnayder has created a program called ‘MultiEvent Coaching and Practice Organization’ and I use it as the ‘foundation’ of my event group specific training.

Watch the video below where Boo Schexnayder explains how we should be looking at training the speed/power events and where we should be consolidating, expanding and focusing our program design and implementation efforts.

Order Boo Schexnayder’s ‘MultiEvent Coaching & Practice Organization’ program

Remember: This program is delivered digitally so there are no DVDs. You’ll have immediate access to the videos to watch online or download to your hard drive.

Videos play on all devices and when you order today, you’ll get lifetime Q&A support/access with Boo!

==> MultiEvent Coaching and Practice Organization with Boo Schexnayder


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