• Advanced Concepts in 400 Meter Training with Marc Mangiacotti
  • Marc Mangiacotti
  • Advanced Concepts in 400 Meter Training with Marc Mangiacotti
  • Marc Mangiacotti

Advanced Concepts in 400 Meter Training


Harvard University’s Marc Mangiacotti details an advanced approach to training and developing your 400 meter sprinters. From preseason training through peaking your athletes during Championship season, Mangiacotti dives deep into every aspect of designing and implementing a long sprints annual plan.

If you’ve already established a successful system for developing your 400m runners and you’re looking for advanced strategies and nuanced progressions for tweaking biomotor ability development in order to squeeze more time out of your ‘racers’ (short sprint types), ‘pacers’ (don’t have open 100m speed, but run don’t fall out at 320m) and ‘mixed racers/pacers’ (show qualities of both types), then move this resource to the top of the pile of programs you’ve been researching.

With a running time of 4 hours and 45 minutes, Advanced Concepts in 400m Training is broken up into 10 chapters:

  1. Introduction and Athlete Testing
  2. Training Considerations for 400 Meter Sprinter
  3. Fall Training
  4. Late Fall and Early Winter Training
  5. Winter Training and Championship Season
  6. Blocks and Acceleration
  7. Max Velocity and Floating
  8. Strength Training
  9. Mental Preparation
  10. The Final Stretch (4×4 Relay, Summer andWinter Break Ideas, and Injury Prevention)

You may be looking for sample workouts and progressions. And, Coach Mangiacotti delivers. When you order, you’ll also receive:

  • Full 26-Week Annual Plan (includes every workout ‘on the track’)
  • Full 26-Week Weight Training Program (includes every weight room session)
  • 10 Specific Warmups and Circuits


Finally, you’ll probably have questions. Unlike resources you’ll find on other sites, we don’t leave you on your own after you order.

Housed in a private, members only website, you’ll receive lifetime Q&A access with Coach Mangiacotti. Not only will you get a quick response back from Coach Mangiacotti, you’ll also get to see answers to questions posted by other coaches.

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