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Advanced Topics Symposium in Cross Country


The deeper your understanding of scientific theory, the greater the likelihood you accurately apply such knowledge to workout planning decisions. Guessing or ‘it’s what we’ve always done’ does not inspire confidence.

If you’re a cross country fanatic you’ll love this in depth look at the science behind the sport and exactly how it applies to training design and decisions.  Four 1+ hour seminars cover:

(1) How Training Affects Adaptation,

(2) The Truth About Fitness (The Fitness Paradox),

(3) The Role of Fatigue in Performance,

(4) Cross Country Specific Training Theory.


In total, the program has contains over 12+ hours of video instruction

covering these 10 topics:


Section I – How to apply scientific theory to real-world training decisions

Module  1: Introduction & History of Cross Country Running
Module  2: Applying Scientific Theory to Training, Part 1: Adaptation
Module  3: Applying Scientific Theory to Training, Part 2: The Fitness Paradox
Module  4: The Role of Fatigue on Performance
Module  5: Cross Country Training Theory

Section II – How to create optimal workouts for every phase & period

Module  6:  The Influence of Aerobic Training on Performance
Module  7:  The Influence of Anaerobic Training on Performance
Module  8:  Training Schedules for the 5k

Section III – Establish & grow positive team culture

Module  9:  Establishing and Evolving Positive Team Dynamics
Module 10:  Psychological Inventories and Interventions

Section IV – Bonus Resources (Limited Time Offers)

Bonus 1:  Unlimited Q&A Access w/ Coach Christensen
Bonus 2:  Diagnostic Chart for Endurance Talent Identification

Bonus 3:  Annotated Bibliography of Program References
Bonus 4:  PowerPoint Slides
Bonus 5:  Drills and Routines for Speed Development, Active Warm-up, and Structured Cool-Down





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