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  • Boo Schexnayder – Circuit Training: Design & Administration
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Circuit Training: Design & Administration


As a coach, it’s likely you regularly use circuit training for track and field athletes, regardless of event group.

And if you’re a high school coach dealing with large groups, a small staff, cold weather, poor facilities, and/or equipment limitations, you’re reliant on circuits for conditioning, recovery, and strength development…far more often than you’d prefer.

But, how confident are you in the details of your circuit training workouts?

Willing to bet you know the difference between a fitness circuit and a recovery circuit?

How many contacts in your General Prep In-Place Jump circuits? Are you General Strength circuits too hard? Or too easy?

How do you know?

Until I saw Boo Schexnayder present on this very topic, I thought my circuit training workouts were on point.

I was making some important mistakes.

But, you don’t have to make any more errors in your circuit training workouts.

Because Boo has created a coaching resource called Circuit Training: Design & Administration. It fills in all the holes and answers all the questions you have about all of your circuit training progressions. It also answers questions you didn’t even know you had.


Here are a handful of topics and planning fundamentals Boo covers in this 57 minute DVD:

-A detailed analysis of the 6 specific purposes of circuit training gives you a new understanding of where, when, and how to use circuits effectively, regardless of training age, weather, event group, or facility limitations.
-The #1 circuit design error coaches make and exactly why this mistake negatively impacts training, recovery, and performance.
-Discover step-by-step protocols for all circuit types; never again second guess your exercise selection, volumes, intensities, and/or work:rest ratios.
-Get a full listing of sample circuits and routines for every circuit type and purpose so you don’t waste hours on YouTube trying to find new exercises for your next practice.

As with all Complete Track and Field coaching resources, this DVD comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Don’t like it? Return it and get your money back. No questions asked.

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