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Complete 100 Meter Training


As the premier sprints event and the foundation of all sprints development, every coach worth their salt must demonstrate a firm understanding and track record of 100m development.

In this 2 hour and 30 minute resource, Harvard University men’s sprints/hurdles coach Marc Mangiacotti gives you a ‘soup to nuts’ breakdown of how to develop top flight 100 meter specialists.

The four-chapter program covers:

  • Chapter 1: Starting Blocks Set Up and Clearance
  • Chapter 2: Acceleration and Maximum Velocity Development
  • Chapter 3: Workout Planning: The Triangle Training Method
  • Chapter 4: Strength and Power Development

You may be looking for sample workouts and progressions. And Coach Mangiacotti delivers. When you order, you’ll also receive:

  • Full 19-Week Weight Training Program
  • Full 19-Week Track Workouts Plan
  • Eight Specific Warmups


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