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Complete High School 400 Meter Training


Finding information on training 400m runners isn’t difficult. But, few programs are designed specifically with the high school setting in mind. From midweek dual meets to short seasons and kids believing the event is torture, this resource from popular high school coach Latif Thomas delivers real world progressions, workouts and advice.

Complete High School 400 Meter Training contains:

  • Video 1: Workout Planning Philosophy
  • Video 2: Weeks One through Four (General Preparation Period)
  • Video 3: Weeks Five through Eight (Specific Preparation Period)
  • Video 4: Weeks Nine through 12 (Championship Season)
  • Video 5: Strength and Power Development
  • Video 6: Jedi Mind Tricks: The Art of Getting Kids to Buy In
  • Video 7: How to Run the Perfect Race (200 meter, 300 meter, 400 meter, 4×200, 4×400)
  • Full 12-Week ‘Every Set and Rep’ Sample Program
  • Latif’s Top Three Workouts for Every Training Category
  • Annual Plan Template
  • Lifetime Q&A Support (get a detailed response within 24 hours)

Satisfaction guaranteed – 60-day, ‘no questions asked’, money-back guarantee.

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