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Complete Program Design for 400/600/800 Runners with Ron Grigg


From the standpoint of viable coaching information, no event group in track and field is more neglected than the primary event 400/800 (and 600m, for some of us) athlete.

That’s why we had Jacksonville University Director of T&F Ron Grigg create a resource focused on developing and progressing the qualities require for success in the 400/600/800 meter events.

This program has changed the game for coaches responsible for developing athletes in this event range.

Here are the topics Coach Grigg specifically covers in this resource:

  • Athlete and Event Characteristics
  • Building a Better Athlete
  • Benefits of Top Speed and Developing Top Speed Technique
  • Establishing a Pace Continuum
  • General Speed Support
  • General Endurance Support
  • Medial, Direct, and Specific Speed and Endurance Support
  • Combining Traning Themes
  • Sample Training Cycles
  • General and Ideal Race Models
  • Pace Charts and Calculators


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