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Planning Training for the Jumps


Teaching technique is important in the jumps. But, athletes won’t be able to consistently express efficient and effective technique if the workout planning is insufficient.

Boo Schexnayder, World renowned field events coach and 2008 US Olympic Team Jumps Coach, has created a resource taking you through his entire system of progressing and planning training for the jumping events.

With a focus on high school jumpers, this program gives an advantage to all coaches willing to specifically plan training around jumps specialists.

Here are the categories of training Coach Boo covers in Complete Program Design for the Jumping Events (also known as ‘Planning Training for the Jumping Events):

  1. Assembling a Training Inventory
  2. Phases of Training
  3. Warmup Components
  4. Planning Warmups
  5. Run Training Components
  6. Assembling the Run Training Program
  7. Weight Training Components
  8. Assembling the Weight Training Program
  9. Multi Jump and Multi Throw Training
  10. Assembling the Multi Jump and Multi Throw Program
  11. General Training Components
  12. Assembling the General Training Program
  13. Organizing and Planning Training Cycles
  14. Planning Training Sessions
  15. Peaking the Pre-Meet Training Design
  16. Sampling Training Constructs
  17. Frequently Asked Questions and Frequently Experienced Problems

Also includes sample micro cycles for each training phase.

Satisfaction guaranteed – 60-day, ‘no questions asked’, money-back guarantee.

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