• CST2-digital
  • Latif Thomas
  • CST2-digital
  • Latif Thomas

Complete Speed Training 2 (Digital)


The ‘Go To’ program for High School sprints coaches, CST2 covers, in detail, every element of program design and implementation for your 55m-400m sprinters.

From warm up to warm down, every issue you face in practice and competition is analyzed, giving you a clear understanding of which drill, cue or workout is best for your athletes and situation.

Covering 9 hours over 11 Modules, here is what you get with CST2:

  • Module#1: Warm Up & Mobility
    Module#2: General Strength & Conditioning
    Module#3: Strength Training
    Module#4: Plyometrics
    Module#5: Speed Drills & Technique
    Module#6: Acceleration & Maximum Velocity
    Module#7: Starting Block Fundamentals
    Module#8: Starting Blocks Analysis
    Module#9: Relays
    Module#10: Training Inventory & Energy Systems
    Module#11: Training Phase Progressions
    Full 12 week 100/200 Sample Program
    Full 12 week 400m Sample Program

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