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Finding & Fixing Fatal Flaws in Sprinters


You know getting your kids set up correctly in the blocks is no guarantee of a quality start or race.

They still step out, pop up and spin their wheels.

Meaning every practice rep makes the problems worse.

The good news is: ‘Finding and Fixing Fatal Flaws in Sprinters’, gives you clear, real world solutions.

You’ll discover the ONLY 3 reasons your 55 – 400 meter sprinters fail to execute.

As well as the 3 technical errors crippling your athletes.

And you’ll get my favorite corrective drills, cues and exercises.

An hour from now you will have a better understanding of sprints training.

Coach, I’ve delivered this information at major high school coaching clinics including Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, New England and the MF All Star Track & Field Clinic.

Don’t waste another rep or race. In fact, take a moment for a preview of this effective and economical program:

Click ‘Get Immediate Access’ below to order ‘Finding and Fixing Fatal Flaws in Sprinters’ now and immediately download the 40 minute video, presentations slides and audio mp3 for only $9.95 -or- click here for a more detailed description of the program.