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Hurdle Acceleration & Program Design Considerations with Mat LeMair (2016 CTF Clinic)



Discover the Key Factors Acceleration and Program Design for Your Sprint Hurdlers

Here are new strategies for consistent and accurate hurdle clearance, as well as how to program teaching these skills into your annual plan.



Your female and (especially) male sprint hurdlers need a careful mix of speed, rhythm, and technical consistency. Flaws or failure to execute in any area all but guarantees knocked over hurdles, 4 and 5 stepping…and the occasional track burn!

Delivered digitally (no DVD will be shipped) this 53 minute program filmed at the 2016 Complete Track and Field Clinic at Harvard University, from College of the Holy Cross, Mat LeMaire clears up the confusion by taking you step by step through the key speed, take-off, and landing factors that will lead your athletes to new personal bests when it matters most.

If you’re in the market for new coaching strategies, workouts, and progressions aimed specifically at improving the performance of your male and female 100m-400m sprint hurdlers, then add “Hurdle Acceleration & Program Design Considerations” to your CTF account right now.


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