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Plyometric Training for Sports Performance with Boo Schexnayder


Plyometric Training for Sports Performance

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*** What is ‘Plyometric Training for Sports Performance’?

THE Definitive Resource for Plyometrics Teaching and Training

A Proven Method For Enhancing Power and Elastic Strength Utilizing All 7 Categories of Plyometric Jump Training

Complete with Step by Step Video Guide


*** What’s Inside ‘Plyometric Training for Sports Performance’?

Rules for Planning Training

Rules for Teaching Technique

Rules for Exercise Selection

*** Crafting the Perfect Short and Long Term Training Plan:

You’ll get clear guidelines on proper volumes and session construction, as well as how to choose multi jumps that are appropriate for each point in the training calendar.

*** How to Assess, Correct, and Teach Proper Technique:

In order to avoid injury, multi jump technique must be taught correctly and executed with correct technique at all times. Therefore, key technical features will be pointed out throughout the program, with detailed advice on teaching these movements.

This program contains a complete how-to guide for designing, teaching, performing, and administering plyometric jump training. This is the ultimate user’s manual for the use of Plyometric Training of all types.

This program is the perfect accompaniment to our Exercises for Sports Performance program, showing you in great detail how to use that arsenal of Multi jump exercises to build champions in any sport.

Learn when to use each form of Plyometric Training, how to implement it with correct set/rep schemes, how to teach it with technical teaching cues, writing Plyometric workouts, injury prevention, and much more.

Delivered digitally (no DVD will be shipped) over the course of 59 minutes, we will cover: Multi jump Basics, Lower Leg Conditioning, In Place Jumps, Short Horizontal Bounds, Vertical Bounds, Hurdle Hops, Extended Bounds, Box and Depth Jumps, Short Term Planning and Long Term Planning.

This Program Also Contains…

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