• Boo Schexnayder
  • Boo Schexnayder
  • Boo Schexnayder
  • Boo Schexnayder

The High Jump: Technique & Teaching


Created by Boo Schexnayder, this is the ultimate coaching resource for teaching approach accuracy, rhythm, technique and consistency in the High Jump.

At 56 minutes, this program is broken into the following 15 Chapters:

  1. Basic High Jump Biomechanics
  2. Approach Basics
  3. The Start
  4. The Drive Phase
  5. Transition into the Curve
  6. The Curve
  7. Arrival at Takeoff
  8. Visual Focus in the Approach
  9. Preparation
  10. The Takeoff
  11. Flight
  12. Assembling the Approach
  13. Triangulating the Approach
  14. Teaching Systems for the High Jump
  15. Coaching Practices for the High Jump

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