• Tony Veney 300 hurdles 400 hurdles
  • Tony Veney
  • Tony Veney 300 hurdles 400 hurdles
  • Tony Veney

Program Design for HS 300 & 400 Hurdles


The 300 and 400 meter hurdles may be the most complex sprint event group to coach.

You’re responsible for developing the speed/power qualities of a short sprinter…

…the specific endurance of a long sprinter…

…better than decent hurdle technique (leading with *both* legs)…


…a consistent stride pattern and rhythm on the both the straight and the turn.

Fail in any one of these areas and your hurdlers will pay the price.

The good news is:

This event group could be ‘free money’ for your athletes and team.


Most high school coaches can’t be bothered to dedicate their time to this event group. How else do you explain why there are so few 300 and 400 meter hurdle competitors at meets?

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to profit from their laziness.


Press Play to watch a clip from Complete Program Design for 300 & 400 Hurdles:

Countless points are being left on the table………

All you have to do is follow the proven methods laid out by USATF Master Coach Tony Veney.

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