• BS-WeightTraining-DVD
  • Boo Schexnayder
  • BS-WeightTraining-DVD
  • Boo Schexnayder

Weight Training for Speed, Power, and Sports Performance


Strength and power development is critical to the success of every sprinter, jumper, thrower, hurdler and combined event athlete.

For the track and field coach, there is no better instructor of these bio motor qualities than Boo Schexnayder. Taking his full weight room training inventory, Boo shows you his 7 step Olympic Lift teaching progression, all of his strength training progressions and lays out how to progress exercises, sets and reps based on training phase.

This DVD teaches the following categories, skills and progressions:

  • Strength Type
  • Weight Training Exercise Categories
  • Teaching Progressions for the Olympic Lift
  • Teaching the Squat
  • Teaching the Bench Press
  • Teaching Split Position Lifts
  • Olympic Lift Inventory
  • Static Lift Inventory
  • Ballistic Lift Inventory
  • Bodybuilding Circuits
  • Organizational Principles for Weight Training Periodization
  • Unit Construction Guidelines
  • Weight Training Periodization
  • Weight Room Testing

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