Q&A: Morning runs after a hard workout?

Posted by Scott Christensen

In addition to over 2.5 hours of excellent middle distance training information, Coach Christensen has agreed to answer training questions for anyone who invests in his program.

 Preparing the Elite Junior Middle Distance Runner (800-1600m)

Here is one he answered the other day.

Question: Hi Coach! I thoroughly enjoyed your talk and handouts, etc. Regarding your workouts and your 12 day cycles, do you think it advantageous to supplement these with morning runs particularly after the hard (48 hour recovery) sessions? Mark M.

Coach Christensen says: Hi Mark: Thanks for the compliment! I believe morning workouts are advantageous to two groups of distance runners:  

Experienced runners training more than 70 miles per week and inexperienced runners who just cannot get a great effort with one workout per day. The experienced runners over 70 per week trying to get in some additional base mileage will not harm their recovery from even 48 hour recovery workouts if they do the mileage around the aerobic threshold, and they “listen to their bodies”.

That is they should take a morning off now and then, if they feel they need it. The inexperienced group will spend a lot of time recovering from everything! Their main problem is lack of base development. This will add base mileage and get them fit faster. The down-side is they are investing a whole lot of time to a “new activity, they may not be totally sure of”. I only have 1 or 2 experienced kids per year running in the morning as well as the afternoon and zero inexperienced except for the two week cc period before school starts in the fall.


Once you order the program, I’ll send you an email giving you a link to submit your training questions. Coach Christensen will get back to you within the week, though he’s been pretty hardcore about getting right back to people!

 ==> Preparing the Elite Junior Middle Distance Runner (800-1600m)

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Scott Christensen - Scott Christensen’s teams have been ranked in the national top 10 eight times. He won the 1997 High School National Championship and his squads have captured multiple Minnesota State Championships. Scott has coached 13 Minnesota State Championship-winning teams and 27 individual Minnesota State Champions. He was the USTFCCCA Endurance Specialist School junior team leader for the World Cross Country Team in 2003 and the senior team leader in 2008. Scott is a 14-year USATF Level II endurance lead instructor.

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