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Rest, Recovery, and Rehab Articles

In this section you will find top notch information on how to recover from workouts, ways to prevent overtraining, rehab techniques and much, much more!

Rest, Recovery, and Rehab Articles:

Active Release Technique – (ART) – Mike Davis
Active Release Technique (ART) is a patented soft tissue mobilization system invented by Dr. Michael Leahy. With relevance to ART, soft tissue includes fascia, connective tissue, ligaments, muscles, tendons, and nerves.

How to Cure and Get Rid of Those Stubborn Hamstring Injuries Forever! – Patrick Beith CSCS, PES, USATF II
Hamstring injuries are common among all athletes. Learn how to heal your injured hamstring with a close look at a sample rehab program and tips on how to prevent these injuries in the future!

Signs of Overtraining -Patrick Beith CSCS, PES, USATF II
Signs over-training, chronic stress, results in an excess of cortisol, which will cause higher baseline cortisol levels. This excess keeps the body with high insulin levels, which blocks fat metabolism, and sends fat into storage at the waist.

The Benefits of Sports Psychology for Athletes – Patrick J Cohn
Mental Game Coaching is that the segment of sports psychology that concentrates specifically on helping athletes break through the mental barriers that are keeping them from performing up to their peak potential.