How to run separate short and long sprints workouts at the same time

Posted by Latif Thomas

Chances are you’re in charge of the entire sprints group. You know your 100m runners and 400m runners often need different types of training.

But, if you’re watching short sprints come out of blocks, you lose track of the long sprints rest period and you screw up that workout.

If you’re timing the long sprints interval workout, you’re not addressing the abomination taking place over at the starting line.

In the past, when I had a lot of things happening during practice, I felt like my head was on a swivel and I was consistently about 10 seconds behind real time.

I was doing both groups a disservice when I tried to write separate programs. I was doing both groups a disservice when I coached to the ‘middle’. So I had to figure out a solution.

And I did.

If you want to run seamless and simultaneous short and long sprints groups without losing your mind, take a look at this video:

Click here if you want immediate access to the remaining 11 weeks, as well as a specific breakdown of the factors leading to workout and activity choices for every day of the entire season.







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